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Two weeks ago, my youngest son bought his first home, and between painting and decorating the floor, I was thinking a lot about the idea of ​​the house, what it really meant. I have always associated it with the feeling of comfort, security, determination, the places where I feel the most. For me, the house on my compass is North, or what gives me a basis և guides me as I go through life. I do not consider this to break the world. I think most of us probably look the same way at home. Is it a place or a place for us, like the country we live in? The United States is where I live, like many people who read this blog, although the events of the last few years have certainly made us feel less comfortable, less secure, they have also sharply reminded us of the need About: home to provide those items. Offending everything, if our country feels like home, then, of course, the city or town where we live also makes us feel at home. I know it’s mine, for sure. I live in a small town whose main street is just half a block away from restaurants, shops, coffee shops (here is the real definition of a house) and a train to Philadelphia. It’s nice to shake my head խանութ the shop owner knows me. I’m going to throw one of the reading parents out and tell them that no matter what school our children go to school, especially if they are young, they will definitely feel at home. My children went to a small Catholic school, which, of course, for many years was in my compass North, դեռ I still feel that way when I am surrounded by people with whom I have spent time there. They remain a great source of comfort and security for me. Can I feel at work at home? Of course it can. I feel very much at home with the good Recklesstown. I love our clients, my colleagues, I’m sure I have to be there to do that kind of work. As for the real house where we live. Absolutely, but circumstances can change the feeling. Our childhood home is often very different after both our parents leave. Եւ The family home we have created as parents certainly never is the same if our children live there.

As I was writing this, I realized that all the things I mentioned have a common theme that runs through them. ” I think for me the feeling of home has less to do with the place or the situation, և much more with the people. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. am: talk for a few minutes each day with a smaller day. When I think of my children at school, there are people who give me a sense of comfort and identity. We supported each other, watching over each other’s children. We have made connections that will last forever. In my work, it’s a moment of connection that gives me the same feeling, whether it’s laughing at something good or having fun sitting down with someone in the bar. I know the home will always be wherever my family is, no matter how much our personal circumstances may change or where our meeting place may be. I feel the same comfort, security և identity when I enter their house, և they bring me the same feelings when they set foot in my house. And, no doubt, I think anyone who is a mother will say that their children and grandchildren will always be North in their compass. It is impossible not to feel that way. I think there are times or times in life when a friend, or partner, or even someone we meet by chance can offer us the reasoning and guidance we need. Shortly after my father died, I had to convert his driver’s license to a DMV. He was a conscientious man, և his wallet was always a reflection of that. He barely had anything in it other than his insurance cards, pictures of my children, one of my 4th graders, who was supposed to be his favorite (who knew) license. When I took it out, the wallet looked empty and different, և I started crying. The woman looked at me with the greatest compassion I had ever seen in someone else’s eyes and handed over the patent. “Hold on,” he said. “No one will ever know the difference.” I did not even know who he was, but at that moment, he completely focused me, offered me great comfort, made me feel at home, in the DMV of all places.

We all have these people in our lives, be they our significant people, our children, our big family, friends, colleagues or a random stranger who shows us great kindness. There are times when we feel that intense pull, we know for sure that the person is justifying us, leading us. They turn North on our compass. It can be a really great moment in life when you feel it, or it can be the relaxation you feel over a cup of coffee when you least expect it. Recognize and enjoy that feeling, because it is the definition of home.

For today’s cocktail, I went for tequila as a base because I think it opens so many eyes. It always brings great clarity, և The extra age of Herradura Reposado made me feel like it was carrying more weight, which was appropriate for this post. Violets are the flowers that represent love և love, especially when they are realized through our intuition, and lavender is associated with soothing, healing և comfort. Lapsang souchong syrup added even more depth to the drink and went well with tequila. I added a little lemon juice as my sour ingredient և for some DRAM Apothecary Bitter Balance. I liked the combination of Giffard Violette with a darker spirit. I’ve always associated it more with gin or vodka, but combined with aged tequila, it has become more serious. This is a cocktail with a number of layers that open when you drink it, which gives you time to think. Who is North in your compass?

North on my compass

2 ounces Horse riding relaxed tequila
Ounces Giffard Violet
An ounce of lemon juice
Ounce lapsang souchong plain syrup (1 part tea, 1 part sugar)
1 line DRAM pharmacy Citrus Medica bitter

Shake for a long time on the ice. Double squeeze into a Nick & Nora cup and garnish with a lavender branch facing north. Enjoy!

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