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One of the ways to look at love, romance or otherwise that has always resonated with me the most is the concept of being a witness. Back in 2017, I wrote a post called: Can I have a witness? in which I discussed this idea in more detail. I talked about the movie Shall we eat? : quoted a line from the character of Susan Sarandon, which specifically addresses the reasons for our marriage, but is easily conveyed to understand any deep responsibilities we may have with another person. Burley Clark insists that what we seek from a faithful relationship is to find someone who will witness our lives, someone who will tell us: Your life will not be without witnesses, for I will be your witness. ” We certainly seek these things from our life partners or our closest friends, but we can quickly see how they can apply these thoughts to our children as well, in the sense that we are witnessing their younger siblings, our parents, who . they often need us to witness them in their final years. Or it may just be that we are sharing a particularly stressful time with someone or a group, during which we are witnessing something together, resulting in a deep connection. As many of you who read me know, I can come down from a little rabbit hole with the words և in their meanings և I have found that this is what I do with the word witness. As it turns out, the term has many meanings, some of which are borrowed from the legal field: “I really like the quote of Burley Clark, it seems that the type of witness we are looking for is quite specific when it comes to: to love

If we start with the simplest meanings, we will quickly discover that the concept of witnessing is related to things that we can perceive only through observation. No need for additional comments. we are just presenting facts. If we are called bear: to testify in court what we notice, there is a certain change in weight or capacity, իմաստ the meaning of the word suddenly became heavier. In addition, there are now rules. Not only is commentary unnecessary but it should be avoided at all costs. We can testify that we have seen or heard something, often in horrific detail, but we cannot say what we thought was the motive behind what we saw. If we were asked to witness someone’s character, or provide evidence of character, we would not have witnessed the circumstances in which they were involved, but we know them personally, can we assert their integrity and authority? If we look at each of these meanings of the word witness, they seem to diminish slightly as we try to apply them to our core relationships. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Looks like BT aint for me either. I think it’s fair to say that there are times when we want a character witness who climbs roofs to tell the world how wonderful we are, but we also want them to hold us accountable for the circumstances. In both cases, there is a vital component that is missing.

This whole comment bothered me until I thought of the literal meaning of the word. When we sign our name next to someone else’s document to confirm that they have applied for a license, joined the public, or joined a union such as a marriage, we are recognized as their witness. When the term is used in this sense, it is said that the witness confirms or affirms the veracity of the act. Hmmm, now we can actually get somewhere. Confirming something or confirming its truth requires a deeper understanding of what we are witnessing. We are not just confirming facts based on observations, we are talking about the intentions behind those facts as we understand them. If we apply this particular meaning to the idea of ​​life partners or potential friends, we will come closer to a definition that includes all the nuances we seek. Or we certainly want our significant people to remember the events of our lives, where, when, we also want them to understand why, thus realizing the reasons for what we did, even if it did not happen. our best moment. We want affirmation that comes from a deep understanding of who we are as a person, a response to compassion that comes from a real place of compassion, և intuitive intimacy, otherwise known as simpatico, that comes from a connection that is almost seems magical. We want a witness who loves us in this way, who not only will not allow the circumstances of our lives to go unnoticed, but, more importantly, will ensure that the intentions of our lives are always recognized equally.

For today’s cocktail, I chose ingredients that have such a magical connection to each other. I started with bourbon, which was aged in a barrel where Oloroso sherry used to be stored. This barrel gave the whiskey great depth, as well as some delicious ingredients. I went with Laird’s Applejack պարզ a simple rosemary to which I added a little maple syrup. These ingredients complemented the “sweet” and “delicious” aspects of the main spirit, and the added bonus was that the rosemary is, of course, a universal symbol of memory. For my citrus fruits, I chose lemon juice and finished the drink with two stalks of aromatic bitter taste, which I made to use in a distillery with a good bar. The ingredients of a single drink may seem a bit unnoticed, but together they become something that is quite surprising. I find the Witnesses in our lives doing much the same for us. Through observation and understanding, they capture all the details of our lives that may seem inconspicuous to those around us. They unite them for us in such a way that they make us see ourselves as powerful, influential and extraordinary. Thus, we are very similar to this cocktail, which is greater than the sum of its parts than the proverbial whole. Hello everyone. Happy Friday! Thank you very much for reading.


1.75 ounces from your favorite bourbon (aged barrel if you can find it)
.5 ounces Laird’s Applejack
1 ounce lemon
1 ounce plain rosemary syrup *
2 drops of your best aroma bitter

Long, long shake.
Squeeze twice into a cocktail glass.
Decorate with Forget Me Not flower և enjoy **

* I added 2 ounces of maple syrup to 12 ounces of ready-made plain.

** I just confess that this is a pansy.

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