Friday musing. All my best intentions

Since next Sunday is Mother’s Day, I wanted to write this Friday, referring to the holiday, which prompted me to recall a post I wrote back in January 2017. The Joy Luck Club:. In it I talked about the fact that I had just aired the film For the 14th time, reviewing it made me pick up Amy Tan’s novel from my bookshelf, as usual, to read the story that was told at the outset. It is about a woman who buys a swan from a market seller, who tells her that the bird was once a duck that wanted to be a goose, but its neck was so stretched that it turned into a swan instead. The woman brings the swan to America, hoping that one day she will give it to her daughter so that she knows that her life has endless possibilities in this new country. He could be anything he dreamed of becoming. The swan snatches the swan from it, leaving only one feather. The woman is waiting for her daughter to give the feather, as she wants her English to be perfect. Only then will he be able to say: “This feather may seem worthless, but it comes from afar, taking with it all my good intentions.”

If you have read or watched The Joy Luck Club: then you know that it explores the unbreakable bond that exists between a mother and her daughter, although there are times when that relationship suffers from an inability to understand each other’s motives. When this happens, it can be incredibly painful. Though The Joy Luck Club: focuses on daughters, there are similar difficulties that can arise between mothers և sons և. In either case, most of the problems we face seem to come from not being able to leave our relationship for so long that we perceive each other as individuals. The relationship between a mother and her child begins with such intimacy and intensity that the lines can be easily blurred և we often impose ideas և expectations on each other, not realizing that we both have feelings և experiences that are outside the roles. which we were filmed. As mothers, we want nothing more than what is good for our children; Unfortunately, there are times when we can be deeply frustrated because our actions are motivated by something outside of our relationships, so they can be very difficult for our children. In that case, we can only hope that one day they will find a way to forgive and understand us.

I am never bothered by the cruelty of a swan woman’s story, because she waits until she is perfect before she can tell her daughter a truth that is very important to her. By doing so, he refuses to see his daughter not only as his mother, but also as an individual with flaws and shortcomings. There are so many things I have never had the opportunity to know about my own mother, especially the person she has been to in the quietest parts of her heart. I can not tell you for sure what was his deepest desire, his greatest fear or his hardest struggle. I once thought that he did not know those things about me either, but in the quietest places of my heart I know differently now. In a dream, he holds my hand over the coffee and says, “Wait for your father, we will tell you together.” How I wish that dream came true. I would ask him everything I never knew so that I could hear his answers, even if they surprised me, և so that I could inform him that first of all, I now understand that all his intentions towards me have always been are. he is the best.

The drink I made for today is called “All My Best Intentions”, of course և it’s a little different. Aviation cocktail. I used gin as the main alcohol, to which I added lemon balm, a simple tea syrup, like Purple cream for its delicate floral notes և beautiful color և fresh lemon juice. DRAM’s Lavender Lemon balm bitter worked here as a perfect bridge to connect all the flavors together. As a bonus, “Lavender” and “Lemon Balm” are considered to be feminine herbs that encourage us to look inward for intuitive understanding, awareness and peace. I liked the fact that I could use them in this particular cocktail. Because lemon balm is a simple tea, it is quite dark in color, which led to the drink losing its characteristic purple hue. As an aviation riff, it was less than perfect, but for this particular post, it was just what I needed. Hello everyone. Happy Friday! Thank you very much for reading.

All my best intentions

2 ounces of your favorite gin
.75 ounce Violet cream
.75 ounce lemon balm tea plain *
.75 ounces of fresh lemon juice
3-line DRAM Lavender Lemon Balm bitter

Long shake. Squeeze twice into the cocktail compartment. Garnish with a slice of lemon.


* Make a batch of balsam tea և dissolve in an equal amount of sugar.

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