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I wrote a two weeks ago a post about creative activities where I cited the quote Nick Cave, one of the most amazing singers writing music at the moment. Knowing how much I admire his work, my younger son gave me his book, Stranger than kindness, For Mother’s Day. In a series of one-page chapters, Cave begins the book by saying that we are born into existence, established in the life we ​​live, believing it to be complete, until a catastrophic event changes the course of our lives, as who we are as individuals. In short, we are one person before this incident and another after it. That this concept is not new, the simple egg that Cave represents has stayed with me since I read it Sunday night. Before associating this idea with our personal lives, we understand its meaning. We are aware of the potential moments of life that fall into this category. Some of them cause us great fear, such as the thought of a sudden tragic loss that can break our hearts, or the terrible news that can distort our future, or the terrible accident that we have never seen. Other moments fall across the spectrum, such as a career opportunity that is a dream, or the first time we hug our newborn baby, or infallibly, the heart beats the moment someone else takes our breath away.

Then what is it about Cave’s post that resonated with me so deeply? The ideas of loss, grief, or love, of course, are concepts that I often think about, and I have asked you to do the same thing many times right here on this blog. The view of the cave is that we build ourselves, individually, from the things we love, from the things that have deeply offended us. We create a kind of story և we slowly become a person we believe in. At the same time, he asserts that there is an external influence that leads us to a seismic event that will shatter the illusion we have created about our identity. “Pieces [us] spinning apart, millions of little stories that are pushed out with tremendous speed. ” When this cataclysm is over, we have no choice but to reassemble these pieces, to try to reassemble “into something that seems utterly foreign.” [us], but fully ճանաչ instantly recognizable. ” When we reach this new, reworked version of ourselves, we realize that we are not alone in our suffering or our joy, այս in this recognition of our solidarity we find our place in the divine plan of the universe. Wow, wow, right ??

I have always seen the monumental moments of life, either as crossroads where a key event takes place, և we encounter two paths taken by yellow wood, or as exit points where life diverts us from the highway where we We have passed. comfortable driving և forces us to enter a completely undiscovered area. Anyway, at least I did not go down without explaining myself first. Transformation moments can not stay away like threats or shy away from blows. Our resilient tragedy, or simply the joy of wearing it as an accessory, does not make us what we are. Cave suggests that we allow ourselves to be exposed to great loss or love որպեսզի so that we can release all that we believed in ourselves և, thus seeing with brilliant clarity the person we really are. Seismic events are meant to move our universe և rearrange it before it is replaced by a new configuration. Is this idea scary? Absolutely, այն nevertheless, I և believe that there is comfort և a certain expectation to know that we are not yet complete, that there is still much to learn և that we can continue և to be greater. , even in the face of the sorrow that threatens to destroy us or the love that promises to release us.

For today’s cocktail, I decided to dismantle one of my favorite modern classics, Penicillinև Create a brand new version. I started with tequila as the main alcohol instead of the traditional mixed Scottish, which led to mescal as a natural choice for smoky flames. If you look closely at the first photo, you can see that the flame is opposite to the original penicillin, and the mesqual is a lighter line above the darker cocktail. Since lime works very well with agave-based spirits, I decided to use it for its citrus ingredient instead of lemon, and for ginger syrup, I chose honey with honey to enhance smoking. In terms of cocktails, I always see spicy ingredients as representative of shocking changes or events. Just half an ounce of Ancho Reyes Verde liqueur was all it took to bring the heat (արժեք shock value) to a perfect level. I’ve been using an agave spoon in my penicillins for a long time, so I decided to keep it for this cocktail. It gives the drink a sweetness that is “delicate” and “deep”. When I tasted this new version, I immediately thought of how familiar and foreign it is at once, like the reassembled version of our post-seismic self. Greetings to all. Happy Friday! Thank you very much for reading.

Seismic event

1.75 ounces Teremana tequila
.5 ounces Kings of Width Verde liqueur
.75 ounces of lime juice
1 ounce ginger syrup with honey *
1 bar spoon of agave
.25 ounces magician mezcal:

Short shake.
Squeeze on one large cube և pour mescal on the drink.
Garnish with a piece of ginger և with a polishing screw.


* Ginger juice in equal doses և honey, combined.

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