Fujitsu and Salesforce have teamed up with new digital solutions for insurers

ICT provider Fujitsu has partnered with Salesforce Japan, a customer relationship management company, to develop new digital solutions for the insurance industry.


According to a press release, the two companies aim to assist insurance companies in developing optimized insurance products based on medical data.

To do this, Fujitsu will develop a system that will allow reliable use of medical data from EMRs. It will also develop a personalized health service using Fujitsu Computing as a service to detect specific disease symptoms.

Upon completion, Salesforce Japan will conduct comprehensive patient patient data integration և analysis to visualize patient travel. It will also be involved in the use of new insurance products using its existing healthcare offerings, including MuleSoft, which integrates external data, and Tableau, which analyzes patient data. CRM system Health Cloud.

The companies aim to release their digital solutions in 2023.


Over the years, Fujitsu has been working to create a digital health ecosystem where vast data is connected և using the latest technologies to promote personalized healthcare at all stages of an individual’s life.

Salesforce also connects various healthcare stakeholders through its industry-specific CRM System Health Cloud.

The two companies, which have been global partners since 2010, want to support insurance companies working to provide personalized insurance products.

Hidenori Tamura, CEO of Salesforce Japan, said that according to their research, more than 80% of consumers are interested in personalized health services, but only about 30% of companies actually provide them, presenting a gap in demand և services.

“To meet the needs of consumers, different industry players can be contacted to work with patients to create solutions,” he said.


New technologies such as artificial intelligence have also been introduced in the insurance industry in recent years. Among insurers in New York Overalls Uses AI algorithms to offer customized supplemental insurance packages for employers.

Hong Kong ապահով London based insurance company Kumatawhich recently raised $ 13 million in expanded A Series funding, provides an automated life insurance policy for health insurers that predicts the risk of being diagnosed with more than 800 medical conditions, as well as their additional mortality and morbidity.

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“Care is not just about one moment, care is longitudinal. To move to more preventative, holistic care, the healthcare sector needs to adopt more cohesive, collaborative solutions և begin to integrate data from different healthcare platforms for full access. “The patient’s picture,” he commented Amit Khanna, Salesforce SVP և GM for Health Care and LifeSciences:

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