GabiFresh is Wows in its latest Spring Fashion Figure collection

Are we ready for the spring news? How about a new partnership to play in? On the heels of A. Luxurious autumn collectionGabiFresh և Fashion to Figure is back with a spring-inspired collection.

If you wanted to play in bright, bold, vibrant shades, staying away from the spring pastels և neutrals we are used to, you will love it. This collection of 18 pieces allows us to show a small leg, abdomen, your hands with unforgiving lines, silhouettes.

“This collection is dedicated to celebrating and distinguishing yourself. It seemed to me that neutrals had been trendy for so long, I wanted to go in another direction, to create something colorful. ” says Gabi Fashion to Figure about her new collection. “Plus-size women have historically been told to stay away from bright colors. Unfortunately, some people still think so. I want these pieces to help women feel confident in coming out with their colors. ”

Gabifresh x Fashion to Figure Spring 2022 collection
Gabifresh x Fashion to Figure Spring 2022 collection

We could not agree more, Gabi.

What to expect from GabiFresh x Fashion to Figure collection

One thing that stood out to us was the confidence that radiated, the variety on display, the colors of the game that begged us to leave. Vacation. Residence. Make your choice…

Gabifresh x Fashion to Figure Spring 2022 collection

Each piece in this collection makes an announcement.

“Fashion to Figure is a great partner in bringing my design to life. I’m proud to be backing up my debut collection with something so fun that is stylish, high-quality, comfortable, something that is often missing.” in this range. “

GabiFresh for fashion

Gabifresh x Fashion to Figure Spring 2022 collection

If you are looking for a mix-up of matching splits, curve-loving overalls, seamless shirts, luxurious bottom boards in a unique color palette, this collection will have something you will definitely want to play with.

Gabifresh x Fashion to Figure Spring 2022 collection

The versatility of this collection offers each of us something that will whet our appetite for fashion. especially if you have lived leisure clothes! No judgment. As we write this, we can be in a t-shirt right now.

This collection invites us to celebrate (or find a reason) He took to the streets in style.

Gabifresh x Fashion to Figure Spring 2022 collection

We have some favorites on our list և we can not wait for it to appear on our body.

You can buy the GabiFresh collection NOW from here!

It must be said that fashion was for the figure with a roll their collaborations. If we had one request, we would love to see indie designers bring their creativity to the mix.


What do you think of this collection? Does it bother you as much as it does for us? What pieces are you in love with?

Let us know in the comments below.

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