Gin’s hint. Roku & Etsu Japanese gin.

Excellent Japanese gin

The gin world more or less divides itself into two styles, which are approximately the following: a) London dry gin with the main taste of juniper և b) New world / new western gin where it does not exist, or at least more. restrained The latter often have a more citrusy aroma, which is good, but the name itself worries me, as many gin of this style have little to do with the New World / West. Today’s review is an example, as we explore two very interesting Japanese gin-less juniper-style gin. At first glance, these two gin seem to have a lot in common, but then it gets interesting, so let’s get to that.


I’ve been enjoying Roku for a while now, so it’s not new to me, as it usually does in my reviews. However, it made sense to review it next to Ezu, as they seem to have a lot in common. Produced by Suntory, a major Japanese manufacturer best known for its whiskey, Roku is a widely available gin due to its owner’s extensive distribution network. I like the hexagonal bottle with the pictures of botanicals with the names of the kanji raised from the glass, which helps to hold the bottle to some extent. It’s really pretty elegant for such a mass-produced product. The shirt with the plastic screw provides a good tight seal, but I feel it allows the perception to touch. I would rather have it than a poorly placed wooden stopper. The label is simple but stylish, the name of which is written in a brush style that fits in very well with its heritage. There is some botanical information on the back label that I always approve of, so we know that six Japanese ingredients are used (sakura flower, yuzu peel, sencha tea, sancho pepper, sakura ter և gokuru tea) in addition of any. “Traditional”. Indeed, the name Roku means 6 in connection with these botanical substances. We see that gin is bottled (at least in the European market) at a reasonable 43%. Roku gin on the nose is fresh և citrus with a distinct smell of juniper. Tasted with just a little water to open it, Roku gives a nice balanced complex taste. The floral և citrus elements seem to be spread out in front of you առանձին to taste separately, և your attention seems to jump between them և. At the same time, it is soft and delicate, without any overriding taste, and then has a pleasantly long finish, without overly bitter notes. This is a beautifully made gin with real attention to detail. I especially enjoy the gin tonic in a relatively simple tonic like Schweppes, but I find it a little too delicate to shine in most cocktails, but then there are many other gins we can use for that. As an average price gin (28-30 euros here, but often sold at a lower price) I consider it a valuable addition to my gin shelf և I appreciate it dear.


As far as I can tell, Etsu, which means “pleasure”, is relatively new to the mythical gin world. Being Japanese, with some common botanicals, 43% alcohol, and a name ending in “e”, I was expecting something like Roku, but it turned out to be a surprise to me. But first. Etsu comes in a compressed cylinder bottle, which at first glance looks like one of those 500 ml bottles, but because of its width is actually a full 700 ml. The closure is a beautiful cobalt blue synthetic cork with a wooden shirt with a gold “coin” sunk in it (not so visible in the photo: my bad). Similarly, the label looks quite fashionable with the same bright blue tones and gold accents. While Roku is manufactured by giant Suntory, it seems that Etsu is a much smaller case made in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, imported to Europe by a relatively new, smaller BBC Wines & Spirits in France, so is certainly harder to find than. Rocu. I smelled a little more juniper than Japanese gin than I expected, but as soon as I tasted it, I was really surprised. Herbal ingredients, which are again quite traditional, but including bitter green orange peel, sanchon, yuzun և mucosa, gel in your taste in one beautiful united front, seamlessly joining the wonderful pepper, which reminds me a bit of high-quality tequila. And the element of that pepper seems contains The floral-lemon notes are in a kind of zenith unity as if the flavors are somehow connected. It’s not a subtle nuance like the Roku, but a polar opposite. It takes a lot of skill, կիրառ the use of fragrances, such as angel և flower, to do this trick. Whether it’s a great, if not a delicate, gin tonic, it also plays well in cocktails, and the pepper tip goes well with Gimlet or Southside. Or a little deeper in the above-average price range (around 32-35 euros), it is the gin that is worth looking for, especially for those who enjoy very good tequila. I love it.

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