Google will temporarily allow Match to use alternative payment systems before the 2023 trial period

Google has reached an interim agreement With Match Group, Tinder, a dating app provider behind Hinge և OkCupid, that will allow its apps to stay in the Google Play Store while offering alternative payment systems, as the first reported The Wall Street Journal:.

Earlier this month, Match Group has filed a lawsuit against Googleclaiming that the company had “illegally monopolized the app distribution market” by requiring app developers to use Google’s payment system and then cut in-app purchases by up to 30 percent. Match Group later asked for a temporary injunction Against Google, however, on Friday Google withdrew its query after making some concessions.

In addition to Google’s promise that it will not block or remove Match Group applications from the Play Store for use with third-party payment systems, Google should: Make a “goodwill” effort to establish “additional payment system functions that may be relevant to Match Group”. Match has also agreed to work with Google’s payment system as an option in its applications.

Instead of committing payments to Google outside of its billing system, Match has created a $ 40 million back-up fund that requires it to repay all payments it owes to Google before reaching a formal agreement. July 1. Both companies will be sued in April 2023. Google says it plans to sue Match for allegedly violating its Developers Distribution Agreement.

Just like Match, the: Bandcamp owned by Epic Games is also rooted in the legal battle against Google. Last month, Epic has filed a motion for pre-trial detention Do not allow Google to take a music showcase out of its app store to use its own payment system.

Friday Bandcamp announced that it has reached a Match-like agreement with Google that allows Bandcamp to stay in the Google Play Store using its own payment system. The music platform says that it will invest 10% of its revenue from purchases on Android in the reserve fund until Epic’s broader antitrust lawsuit against Google is moving forward. Epic has filed a similar lawsuit against Apple after the company in 2020 removed Fortnite: From the App Store: to use an alternative settlement system – the final verdict determined: There is no real winner.

Match Group և Epic Games are both members Application Justice Coalition (CAF), a group of companies fighting policies it considers anti-competitive, including Google և Apple’s rules, which encourage developers to use alternative payment processors in their respective app stores. In March, Google announced that Spotify, another CAF member, would be the first platform Testing using your own payment system (in addition to Google) in the Play Store.

Google և Apple’s criticism of their app store policy has been criticized by both developers and regulators in various countries. In February, the Senate Judiciary Committee adopted Open App Markets ActA bill aimed at promoting competition in the field of mobile computing, while the EU is going to use its own A number of laws governing Big Tech In the spring of 2023. The Netherlands also disputed Apple’s in-app payment policy և South Korea has passed legislation Demanding Google և Apple to allow developers to use third-party payment systems in their applications.

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