Hacks Season 2 ոն A subversive fantasy of taking your job

Hacker It’s a comedy show, but its best episodes are not funny at all.

That stellar first season This is an introduction to Deborah Vance (Gene Smart), a skilful portrait of an elderly Vegas general manager detailing his working conditions while reflecting his fears of obsolescence and his ambition to be loved. All of Deborah’s desires and fears coincide, bleeding from possible personal-professional boundaries. Somehow, this force of nature finds clarity in an irritating bisexual millennium called Ava (Hannah Einbinder), a comedian who’s supposedly having some fun on Twitter.

Ava’s wake-up call is not pleasant. Avan thinks that Deborah is in control of the navigation է she is safe playing with her comedy, as the Vegas crowd does not care to dare. Ava’s right, եբ Deborah knows it, but accepting it is humiliating. It’s shameful, not only because Avan has the power և to be intolerant և to admit that she’s right will only aggravate those traits, but also because it’s meant that Deborah Vance has lost touch.

For Ava, writing for Deborah is a kind of humility. He is alienated from others, he did not make up his name. he has no other choice.

Deborah և Ava’s symbiotic relationships, especially the strange episodes երը the unstable moments, bring everyone closer to a better idea of ​​who they are, a gift, especially in the lonely landscape, which is a comedy.

Deborah և Travel to Avan in the second season of the season Hacker.
Hacks / HBO Max:

The fantastic second season is based on that original chapter. Hacker hits the ground, Deborah և They fly back to Avan’s father’s funeral in preparation for Deborah’s North American tour. Bombing her last performance at Palmetto, her Strip residence, Deborah knows her material is not good yet. They both need a challenge. So they do the logical thing. Deb and Avan take the bus. (Luxurious tour bus, but still).

Journeys of self-discovery are an obsession with American art. Worn out of life, the hero with the protagonist changes the comfort of their lives with forests, or canyons, or places where they can learn to eat, pray, and love anew. These awkward campaigns become opportunities for crystallizing self-examination that nourish the soul and ignite the spark of life. Maybe they will even find love.

Deborah Vance would not mind, but she just wants better jokes.

So he replaces the cosmopolitan Las Vegas (not to be confused with the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas) with a more buccal America like Memphis, the lesbian cruise, the state fair in one of the Springfields, in harsh, punitive places. Deborah hopes to sharpen her bites, lose weight, and find the crunch of her scattering fists.

The road trip makes Deborah’s inner struggle real. He finds it difficult to communicate with his audience, these awkward places have their own defensive challenges such as cultural gaps or an audience that is less relevant to Deborah’s demographics. Everyone is more alien to Deborah than the previous one. He bombs some. He does better with others. Except for a few purely slapstick moments, we do not really see its performance. deliberate choice.

Hacker never bothered to convince you that Deborah is the funniest woman alive. It has always been a show that a woman realizes who she is and is honest with that man, whoever she is. One night of laughing with the audience will not solve it.

Jean Smart’s performance (rightly so) has been praised, but I’m still constantly impressed with how he inspires Deborah Vance with subtle dignity. It can be manifested in something as small as a defenseless gaze in a mirror.

Or it opens so fast that it’s all you think about long after the episode is over.

In the episode of Springfield State Fair, Deborah meets a former competitor who refused to make a comedy. His girlfriend is now a grandmother with an uninteresting life, who feels sorry for Deborah. But after their brief meeting, when Deborah realizes that her former compatriot is really happy with her choice, you can see that Smart fades the pride in Deborah’s eyes, filling her face with suspicion.

In those little moments, you can see the glow of Deborah Vance’s life և almost associated with this vile, lavish woman you absolutely should not be.

Deborah is sad, but for the second time she does not want to be able to live a full life without comedy. Instead, his regrets are that he could not live a full comedic life without the deviations of family, friends, or marriages.

How Deborah interprets the world around her – her evils, her tragedy, her happiness – is through comedy, the infamous art of change. If Deborah’s life were in front of her eyes, it would consist of a stand-up, a late-night show, missed opportunities, a Vegas residence. The montage will not include the death of a spouse, child, sister or spouse. Nothing is really possible for Deborah if it is not related to comedy.

Caitlin Olsson Ջ Gene Smart In Hackera show that, despite its name, is not about cyber security.
Hacks / HBO Max:

Hacker works this season as you slowly realize that this road trip is a common game for Deborah. There is no backup plan. Who is he, how should the world see him, the notion of joy and pain? This comedy tour is about his survival.

But is it too foolish to confess?

In that case, it makes sense that Deborah was surrounded by people like her dedicated CEO Marcus (Carl Clemons-Hopkins) և Avan, her strict patron. These two people, whether by choice or not, are just like Deborah, with a completely exhausted, defined job. Marcus uses Deborah’s dependence on running her own business as an anchor. it prevents him from turning around. Ava’s concert with Deborah is more life-saving. For Debbie, writing is the only thing that happens in her life, as Avan indecently seizes opportunities.

Like attracts like, I think. However, Avan և Marcus may disagree. They are just far enough away (so far) that they may or may not see themselves in Deborah. They slowly turn to a point of no return, or, if successful, “stop until it’s too late.”

But: Hacker does not fall into that mode. It’s more a question of whether Marcus and Avan are built like Deborah or not. Can they just have a life dedicated to work and be happy? Wouldn’t it be nice to be so in love with your job, to know that this is what you want to do? It’s a kind of subversive fantasy.

The first two episodes Hacker are available for broadcast on HBO Max.

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