Happy Birthday Charles Tankerey.

There are few historical figures that I celebrate annually, but Charles Tankerey (born March 27, 1810) is one of them. Gin was the first alcohol I fell in love with, և Tanqueray has always been my gold standard for London Drys. Here is an excerpt from an interview I did with Tom Nicole, a former Tanqueray master toric.

“Tanqueray was a genius,” says Nicole, explaining that Charles was passionate about making things, and that he invented many things in his life other than gin. Some examples include horseradish varnish և the formula for medicines for injured animals:.

It is often said that Charles rejected his father’s life in the church for distilling gin, but there is no evidence that Charles ever entered the path of spirituality. He was smart, of course, but Charles was not interested in going to university, it was required for the chair. He was trying to invent, create and experiment.

Charles turned his attention to other successful British gin distillers Felix Butin և Alexander Gordon և decided to create “a better gin than theirs“, Says Nicole. In the early 1920s, Charles Tankerey developed several gin recipes, but it was his London Dry recipe that became memorable. Nicole says, “Charles won the lottery with that one.”

Charles Tankerey rejoiced in his success. “He was not the genius isolator we sometimes see today, but Nicole realizes he was a genius who He told everyone that he was a genius. “Charles loved to show off his success,” says Nicole, from her proud height to her knee-length fortress, luxurious mustache and beard.

Although he was a proud man, Tankere’s personal life is not strangely documented. This surprises us. Was Tankrey busy with his business but absent from his family? Or was he just a very personal person trying to protect his loved ones? Well, we do not know much about his personal life, we do not really know exactly how many children Charles had.

One child we do know, however, is Charles Woo Tankerey, who took over his father’s distillery when his father died at the age of 58. Tankere historians call Charles Wow “a straightforward Christian gentleman with a strong character but a social conscience.” His father, Charles Waugh, was very young when he began distilling. More of a businessman than an inventor, Charles’s son focused exclusively on gin, which led to Charles Waugh growing the Tanqueray brand much larger than his father, including the merger of Gordon’s Gin, one of his father’s inspirers and rivals. Late 1800s.

Charles Tankerey seemed a really proud genius, who “showed his talent” and covered his family with mystery. Today, Tanqueray is considered one of the oldest and most successful gin in the history of the world.

* Photo by Diageo Archives.

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