Harry Styles brings charm to Long Island for “Only One Night” movie. review:

UBS Arena has been renamed Harry House.

Harry Styles did his thing great new album for the first time on Friday at the newly opened Belmont Park in Elmont, New York, as well as some of the fan favorites.

The pop star’s “One Night Only” concert on Long Island saw him sing a 13-song recording “as it was intended to be played from beginning to end,” as he told the 20,000 or so fans present.

The 28-year-old Styles opened “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” with a fun introduction that accompanied him on stage, followed by “Late Night Talking” and “Grapejuice”.

Harry Styles is performing.
Styles has released their third solo album, Harry’s House.
Apple Music:

Her lively charm was palpable from the very beginning of the show, when the crowd roared and sang with each word, even though “Harry House” hit the streaming services even 24 hours before.

“But how?” Styles, wearing a heart-shaped white robe and leather pants, asked when he realized that the fans had already learned his new words.

The party really started when the former One Direction singer reached his last number one single, “As It Was” bridge, which heard deafening screams. The high energy continued throughout Day re Daydreaming, while Little Freak Mat Matilda acoustic snaps brought tears to the eyes of some fans in the arena.

“Cinema” և “Satellite” were somehow, somewhere even better alive than the album recordings. Styles members, including guitarist Mitch Rowland and drummer Sarah Jones, helped breathe new life into both songs as their fearless frontman happily danced on stage.

Harry Styles is performing.
Styles and his backing vocalists impressed the crowd during “Boyfriends”.
Apple Music:

At the same time, the Capella Boyfriends captivated the audience in a way that many artists can only dream of. For three minutes in a row, fans hung up their phones, glancing at Styles, his backing vocalists, in awe of their raw talent.

Styles told the crowd that included: his girlfriendOlivia Wilde և Producer Thomas “Kid Harpoon” Hull’s “Harry House” “rescued” her from COVID-19, before moving on to some Bree Times songs, including her debut Sign of the Times . “, What” What Make You Beautiful “from its 1D days.

“You know their words,” he joked about long-awaited hits.

The staging of the Harry Styles House at the UBS Arena in Elmont, New York.
The stage was designed with a comfortable horse to look like a house.
Apple Music:

It was obvious that Styles wanted to enjoy every moment of an unforgettable evening until its end, so much so that he deviated and forgot his words for a short time. his Grammy Award-winning single, “Watermelon Sugar”. When he was a professional, he smiled and quickly found his way back.

“I love each and every one of you,” Styles said after the performance of “As It Was”. “This was the best night of my life,” a feeling that no doubt is shared by everyone there.

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