Heart, soul և mind. Lakshyan defeats Ginting after losing the first game

Indonesia-India, the opening match of the 2022 Thomas Cup final. Anthony Ginting played with Senator Lakshya. In the second game, Ginting jumped high and defeated hard. He did it from the first minute, it helped him to accept the opening game 21-8.

Now, Ginting jump smash is a beauty. Adjustment, the drop almost kisses the net; liquid step back; the jump is so high that it occurs almost slowly; the end is irreversible. Lakshyan returned this one.

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Lakshyan, who seemed to be stuck in the front playground, ran to the far corner and then twisted his body to somehow return. One that fits perfectly in the far court of his opponent.

Confused, Ginting made an unusual mistake on the way back, Լ Lakshya’s point was one point, which gave him an advantage in the second game, 9-5.

You could almost hear Ginting thinking, “How?” There are moments during the meetings, no matter how big the stage, when you know that something happened. This was one of them. Lakshyan knew that his defense was back on track. It is almost as if Ginting knew it as well as he did in Bangkok, mostly in Indonesia.

Lakshyan won the rest of the game, winning 21-17, giving a short counterattack, but never really losing control of the situation. Then the third game.

Due to the drift, the crowd and the origin of his country in the competition, Ginting again led 11-7. As the two players changed edges, it would be understandable if Lakshyan thought “this was it”.

However, Lakshya’s problem is that the thought never really entered her mind. Coming back from that initial defeat was heartbreaking, but what he did in the third game, under all the pressure, turned the 11-7 advantage for Ginting into a 12-13 combination with a remarkable defense. point aggression. His return made mistakes from the more nervous Genting, everything was too deep or too shallow, he was punished by Lakshyan.

When Genting approached Lakshya to the net, the young man became restless, showing an underestimated touch that made Ginting run around.

In the end, there was no doubt, in a game where Lakshyan was looking down, coming out, hitting the net with a reverse jump, making the score 18-14, emphasizing how dominant he had become. He took the game 21-16, the game 2-1, leading India 1-0 in the Thomas Cup final against 14-time champion Indonesia.

It’s a sign of a champion, isn’t it? Resisting the pressure and the opponent with all his might, believe in himself, fight … deliver. And that is exactly what Lakshya Sen did. performed on one of the biggest stages.

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