Here’s Mark Zuckerberg showing off Meta’s premium Project Cambria VR headset

Mark Zuckerberg just shared a short demo video Demonstrating some of Meta’s upcoming high-end virtual reality headset features Cambria project. While concealing the device itself, Meta emphasizes the ability of the upcoming headset to make a full-color, full-color transition so that wearers can interact with virtual objects covered in their real environment.

The augmented reality experience is built using Meta presence platform, which was presented last fall. The current Quest headphones may only display transitions in shades of gray, but Project Cambria will have much higher resolution image sensors to make the real world look better inside the headset.

Meta: He also published this two and a half minute video highlighting its Presence Platform, which shows the huge difference in experience between the Quest and Cambria headphones. Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth wrote on Twitter that the SDK update next week will include the “Complete Presence Platform Toolkit powered by machine perception և AI – transition, spatial anchors, scene, interaction” sound SDKs և our recently updated Hand Tracking API “.

The demo tape basically shows how Zuckerberg gestures to the cartoon character this Oppy video և seems to paint his environment on the real world. It also includes videos of other Meta AR projects that rediscover the possibility that you will carry one of them to visit a virtual office environment, work in your cloud workstation using augmented reality.

We have not received any new details about the hardware itself. However, Yanko Retgers j Protocol: was able to briefly test the device, which was running the same display, saying that the video quality produced by Cambria sensors is not yet photorealistic, but closer to “decent quality home video.” Zuckerberg also told him that another advantage of upgrading sensors to include full color is that they better distinguish between real-world objects so he knows where to place the virtual ones.

The demo, which was unveiled at last year’s Facebook Connect event called The World Beyond, և Meta says it will be available in the App Lab for developers to try out soon. Project Cambria is just one of a handful of virtual reality headsets that Meta plans to introduce over the next few years, using its technology to help developers create an augmented reality experience that more people will want to visit in just one step. Meta plan for basic AR devices. Cambria is expected to come out “later this year”.

Updated May 12, 12:07 PM ET. Added a preview video of Meta Project Cambria և a post about the tweets of Facebook CEO Andrew Bosworth.

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