House has accepted a $ 40 billion military-humanitarian aid package to Ukraine

Home: On Tuesday evening, it passed legislation that would provide $ 40 billion in new aid to Ukraine Biden’s administration expects to increase US support for Ki war against Russia.

The House of Representatives voted 368 to 57 against President Joe Biden. He called on Congress to take swift action : Republicans refused to transfer an additional $ 10 billion in Covid aid to Ukraine in addition to military and humanitarian aid.

All 57 votes against were received by the Republicans.

Congressman Andy Biggs, R-Ariz, who was against the event, in tweets“I am against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but we can not help Ukraine by spending the money we do not have.”

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (California) praised the two-party vote. said on Twitter that the package will be based on “the strong support already provided by the Congress” to “help Ukraine defend not only its nation but also the democracy of the world.”

Additional funding is now being directed to the Senate. GOP leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that he had asked Biden Last week, separate coronavirus aid from Ukraine funding.

“Last week I had the opportunity to call the president and ask that the Ukrainian package itself move quickly,” McConnell told a news conference on Tuesday afternoon. “I think we are on the way to that.”

Biden said Congress: to pass on Monday that: Ukraine assistance without funding from Covid Assistance. His decision to disconnect the two cost packages is likely to make it difficult for Covid, which the administration says need to continue large-scale testing and free vaccinations, to pass on aid.

Asked on Tuesday about Covid aid, McConnell said it should be discussed with the administration’s efforts to lift immigration restrictions, known as Title 42, which former President Donald Trump imposed in the early days of the coronavirus.

Some Democrats have demanded that the 42nd title be allowed to expire, allowing more migrants to enter the country. Republicans, while pushing to ease other restrictions on Covid, have remained adamant that immigration rules be adhered to.

“This is something we are going to continue to discuss. As you know, there is a broad bipartisan demand for the continuation of the 42nd title. I think it is in the context where that vote should take place,” he said. McConnell.

The Senate has not planned to vote on the Ukrainian package. Majority leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., wrote on Twitter earlier on Tuesday that the chamber would “move quickly to transfer the urgent funding to Biden’s desk.”

Step Stewart contributed.

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