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Whether it is considered zero, spiritless or very ridiculous “Motels” The current landscape of non-alcoholic cocktails offered in bars and restaurants is flourishing with creativity, with countless options for those who, for whatever reason, prefer not to drink. But as bartenders continue to make special sections of their menu for non-alcoholic alternatives, there is one drink in particular that has become a familiar beacon to the non-alcoholic Negro.

“Negroni offers a different leap point than the classic juicy cocktail, which until recently made up most of the non-alcoholic versions,” said Philadelphia R & D bartender Resa Mueller. Really, unlike sour, high ball or spritz:is: Negro:– except ice, decoration – is composed entirely of alcoholic components, which poses a special problem when recreating its special silky texture with a non-alcoholic texture. Added to the challenge is the universally known nature of Negroni required taste. But according to Austin Henley, bar manager at Kato Restaurant in Los Angeles, this is the N / A Negroni allure. “The easiest way to get a bartender to spend hours, pay attention, and resources is to tell them it’s impossible, or at least nobody has done it before,” says Henelli. “It’s basically the bartender flexibility,” Mueller said.

Jose Pereiro, director of beverages at Atlanta Storico Vino, keeps the classic equal parts recipe with the Venetian-inspired fine wine N / A Negroni: Pentire Drift (botanical non-alcoholic from England), Wilfred’s Aperitif (bitter spirits), non-bitter spirits blend from London և Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso (N / A vermouth blood orange և with vanilla notes). To compensate for the familiar heat of alcohol, Pereiro collects bitter citrus notes with the added expression of orange peel on the finished drink. No-Groni at Sidebar at Surdyk’s Minneapolis does the same, relying on a growing market. N / A spirits Combined with GinISH (Danish non-alcoholic gin) իլ Wilfred aperitif with Swedish Gnista Spirits Floral Wormwood բաժան Homemade Grapefruit Peel Syrup split pieces for standard vermouth.

For Ember & Ash’s Beverage Manager in Philadelphia, Christian Friedrich’s familiarity with the classic Negroni is the basis for creating a free alcoholic version of the good No-Booze Jawns menu. “Each of the three ingredients has clear taste profiles that bartenders understand well – it allows you to recreate great creative freedom of souls,” he says. Friedrich was inspired Zero. A new approach to non-alcoholic beverages Grant Achatz, Alain Hemberger և Nick Kokonas, learning to make his own non-alcoholic beverages, including gin, Campari և Averna (which he uses instead of vermouth) for his N / A Negroni, to which he adds a small amount of Demerara syrup: enhance the sweetness և add texture. “Negroes have a certain feeling in their mouth, which is connected with them. “They have a viscosity that matches the bitter-sweet profile,” says Friedrich. “It is possible to imitate the familiar feeling of a Negroni’s mouth.”

Nicholas Torres, CEO of True Laurel, San Francisco’s bar, believes that he only admits it will take you so far. “Non-alcoholic Negro is a kind of scripture. Negroni weight, bitter sweet character և aromas are associated with a real drink – nothing [else] “It tastes good,” he says. To compensate for the aromatic depth and weight of alcohol և sugar, Torres, like Pereiro, advises to focus on the bitter element. But pay attention to his cone reminder. “This is just advice for anyone trying to have a Negro who is not a Negro.”

It is this sincerity about the unique natural nature of Negroni that made St. Agrestis ready to drink! Background of Negron:, bottled non-alcoholic adopts aperitivo icon, such quick success. Launched in January this year, the drink can now be found in more than 200 bars and restaurants in New York, including Amor y Amargo, Roberta’s, Death & Co., and has been purchased by consumers in all 48 neighboring states. owner Louis Ketizon. As the name implies, Phony Negroni does not try to assume that it is actually Negro. Instead, it follows Henley’s N / A Negroni dictation. “The first thing one has to come to terms with in this dichotomous quest to make a non-alcoholic Negro is that one does not make a Negro.”

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