How many hits did Eddie Collins have? It fluctuates.

Albert Poohols surpassed Eddie Collins to take 10th place in his career hits when he finished second to fourth. defeat from “The Great”. Wednesday. Or he tied up Collins. Or maybe he was still short. It all depended on where you were looking.

One thing is for sure, who is Pujols? fully enjoys his farewell tour With the St. Louis Cardinals, he had 3,314 hits after going 0 0 by 5 inches Loss on Thursday to the Great. As for Collins, who played for the Philadelphia Athletics and the Chicago White Sox from 1906 to 1930, his overall tally is even gloomier.

The good news. There is an official total of Collins. The bad news. Hard to find for a fan. And the differences serve as a reminder that while baseball statistics seem solid, there are more variations than many guess, largely because of a predictable human error.

Baseball link:A typical first stop for people looking for such a number, says Collins ended his career with 3,315 hits, one more than Pugols, by Thursday. Accounting, which usually coincides with the old Total Baseball encyclopedia, Collins tied Pugols with 3314 points. The Elias Sports Bureau, the official statistician for its major league baseball clubs, had 3313.

Elias’s number is official, so St. Louis mentions the feat on Wednesday, but since Elias does not have a search engine, it is generally hidden from fans and journalists who do their research.

The Baseball Reference, which collects statistics from multiple sources, often differs from Elias ‘official figures, but both agree on a total of 24 hits from Collins’ 25 seasons. Where they differ in 1920. Elias estimates him 222 hits that year, while Baseball Reference puts him at 224.

The difference, as mentioned before By Alan Schwartz և Othersis explained in the research Retrosheet:, Archive of units in each box since 1906. 1920 Collins 0’s 3 in the second game is mentioned in the official record book on September 4. But the box points of that time show that he was actually 2 for 4. Retrosheet attributes the error to an “exchange” where one player’s money is accidentally recorded for another. As of Thursday morning, the truth of the box’s assessment was the difference between being 10th or 11th on Collins’s career list.

There seems to be no simple explanation for the fact that gave Collins 10 hits from 1906 to 1907, while Baseball Reference և Elias attributed 11 hits to him.

Possible errors in statistics as obvious as the total number of Hall of Fame hits may seem like something Elias would like to correct, but it is understandable why the company does not want to delve too deep into the controversial numbers from the first few decades of 2018. : 20th century. It was only during Collins’ career that Retrosheet discovered what it thought it was Inconsistencies of 173 box units. Apply it to all the players of that era և it’s likely to be thousands of reviews, each of which will serve as a little more than a pound of newspaper points.

The Pujols can make things easier by scoring “two hits” on each list by passing Collins. If he erupts to collect 122 hits this season, which is very unlikely given his age, he could start a new debate over whether he has more hits than Cap Anson.

Anson, the Hall of Fame that famously helped create the baseball color line, has 3012 hits by many scores, but he has had 423 more blows were removed By him in 1968, when the MLB Special Records Committee decided that the National Association was not a big league. a decision that many baseball historians think was wrong.

If those hits ever recovered, Anson would be seventh on the list, one place down the Hall of Fame parade.

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