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No matter what sport you do, training with the wrong sports bra can make you suffer. It makes you feel an inconvenience, a pain or a weakness that you will never want. Nothing helps here except the perfect type of bra և fit. In this handy guide you will learn how to find the right sports bra for you.

During each run և body movement, the breasts move not only up and down, but also side by side, imitating a butterfly’s egg. If they are not supported, they are not raised, they are held firmly to the level necessary for a certain sport, the breasts move too much, they cause a lot of discomfort. Even worse, constant stretching can lead to sagging breasts. The best bra can maximize your lift and comfort.

How to find the best sports bra?
Here is an amazing fact. Most women carry a smaller cup և a larger strap than necessary. Only 15 to 20% of women wear the best bras for their body. If you can not go to the installer for a breast measurement every time you need it sports goodCheck the following details to determine which option works best for you.

Compression or capsule
– Compression. Rack bra styles are ideal for small cup sizes (A և B) or low և medium impact workouts.
– Excapsulation. Scurr’s research shows that women with larger breasts than women with compression stockings should opt for individual cup sports bras.

Racerback or wide straps
– Racerback: They have a crease in the back, so the straps anchor the bra closer to the body, providing more support.
– Wide ribbons. Compared to T-backs, the straps distribute the weight better և more adjustable իր insert.

Pullover or back clasp
– Pullover. Tank styles cover the back more than the clasps. Conversely, those who are fully stretched do not have stiff front straps, adjustment, or support for large chests.
– Back clasp. The clasps allow you to pull on the strap from which 70% of the bra strap comes. They are ideal for larger breasts, which put more demand on the belt.

DIY test for the perfect sports bra

Including side panels, cups, strap և straps are three points from which the brace comes into the sports bras.
Hold the top of a ribbon ը the center of the corresponding cup with both hands, then pull. The less stretching, the more movement control there is.
Pull from top to bottom of each cup for a stretch test. Again, this gives you a little more control over your movement. Then put it bra. In either case, whether the compression or the capsule, the cup should support the entire chest without slipping.
Ribbon և side panels
Slide your finger under the strap between your breasts. It fits well if you should not be able to pull your finger more than an inch from your chest. Install the clasp on the first tap for adjustable strap; If you have to use the latest glasses for a comfortable fit, it is better to go with a smaller strap. Moreover, put your hands up! If the band crawls, it’s bigger than it needs to be. In either case, choose a smaller size.

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