How To Minimize Eczema Outbreaks In The Gym և At Work

Exercising in the morning offers many benefits, but for people with eczema, going to the gym and then going to work presents a number of challenging challenges. Heating և Sweating can cause an outbreak. Eating breakfast after a workout to get energy can do more harm than good. And after a hard workout that’s fitting in your body, deadline stress այլ other pressures at work can also be a stimulus.

Inner line. If you want to start your workout at the gym quickly, you need a smart strategy to keep eczema going.

Enter Matt Knight, one of London’s most sought after fitness experts. Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book, Knight became seriously involved in bodybuilding as a teenager (nicknamed “Diesel” by his training partner) և In the 1920s, he achieved instant success at the gym as a personal trainer. But then the gym closed. He also suffered a shoulder injury that prevented him from training. As his stress levels escalated, Knight soon developed severe eczema all over his body, including leg cramps that made it difficult to walk.

“I was awake at night,” he recalls. “The soles of my feet were so bad, they were cracked, they were bleeding, I was taking antibiotics.”

Knight went from doctor to doctor, but did not find much peace until he found out for himself which foods caused his outbursts. When he changed what he had eaten, the flames died down. At the same time, Knight found ways to train without causing eczema, which allowed him to revive his career, which significantly reduced his stress levels.

She is now in fantastic shape, she wants to help others who want to exercise, go to work, avoid skin problems. Here are three key pointers in moving your eczema to the gym, and then getting it going on an itchy day.

1. Keep cool and clean

When Knight realized that constant patch tests did not solve the problem, he read about his condition, noticed what was going on, and tried to eliminate his personal motives. Getting hot և sweating is a big deal for him, but it ‘s inevitable if you work out, as Knight does, to get results. Thus, he offered a post-sport solution. “What I do is keep myself as cool and clean as possible after training. I think a quick shower with cold water is great if you have severe heat eczema. The main thing is not to let it go on for long. “

The National Eczema Association recommends the “wet և close” method.

  • Take a shower for just 5-10 minutes using a gentle, soap-free cleanser.
  • Gently pat your skin dry, leaving it slightly damp.
  • Use any topical skin medication you have been prescribed.
  • Apply moisturizer all over your body within 3 minutes after taking a shower.
  • Wait a few minutes before dressing to allow your skin time to absorb the moisturizer.

“You do not want to wash off all the oils on your skin and leave your skin dry,” says Knight.

2. Restart your breakfast

Analyzing his diet, Knight realized that certain foods make his condition worse. “Make sure you keep inflammatory foods to a minimum,” he says. There is no clear link between eczema and “food allergies”, but according to the Cleveland Clinic, avoiding foods that cause allergic reactions can reduce outbreaks. Common allergies include peanuts, gluten and alcohol. Knight recommends limiting red meat, dairy products, whole grains, flour and sugar, as well as eating more fish and vegetables. “Be careful about some so-called healthy foods,” he adds. “The whey protein shake, all those eggs, can do so much more harm than good.”

3. Raise your attitude

Use the power of positive thinking after you leave the gym. When going to work, instead of worrying about a possible outbreak, remind yourself that you did your best to prevent it. Take a deep breath և tell yourself that no matter what happens during the day, you can overcome it. Find ways to reduce stress at work. If you are a manager, for example, you can learn to delegate.

And never throw away the towel. “Whether it’s related to stress, the environment or food, keep looking for the answer, ‘do not overlook any opportunity,'” Knight said. “There is. always answer Do not stop looking for it. “

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