Humboldt vodka և hemp seed vodka

Humboldt Distillery: is based in Northern California, where they distill vodka rum. I used their spiced rum to make a cocktail that I’ve really enjoyed lately Double rum old fashioned.

Humboldt spiced rum, I found it to be sweet և syrup, with a mildly spiced taste; Definitely goes well with cocktails. I also had the opportunity to try their vodka, a sugar cane distillate that is palpably sweet, quite smooth, like Humboldt’s Finest, a vodka soaked in cbd oil.

I know this raises some questions, so here’s what I know. Humboldt’s Finest is legal in all 50 states. Does that elevate you? Not that I noticed. Indeed, the biggest question we have to ask is the following. how does it taste Well, Humboldt’s Finest is like a delicious vodka ության soft, mint, herbal gin marriage. For example, in a tonic you can find it a little more herbal than a vodka tonic ( Premium CBD flower they use only one specific area of ​​California, with a very specific tan) և slightly softer than gin and tonic. It also makes Martini a little more interesting. When I replaced it with their regular vodka in cocktails, people always said it was “more herbal”.

All of Humboldt’s alcoholic beverages are organic; I think the distillery had a very unique approach; a unique portfolio of spirits to add some fun cocktails to your home. Both vodkas retail for about $ 25.

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