Hydro Flask Rocks Cup:

Recently, Hydro Flask: has added a few cool beers to their already familiar line of water bottles. One such product is the 10 ounce Hydro Flask “Rocks” cup. They were built like growers of their own water bottles Rocks 10 ounces is an insulated stainless steel container with whiskey in the lid as it moves through the beverage.

“I would have imagined that those who love camping և hiking would drop this cup into their backpacks for a break while drinking low-volume coffee (especially espresso) would probably be a godsend.”

Old fashioned hydroflask cup

While I appreciate all types of drinks with a quality Hydro Flask design և quality, however, I feel that the Rocks design is lacking. It keeps the drink cold for up to 24 hours, so why not provide it with a leaky lid so you can drink your whiskey. in the cup how do you hit the trails? The current design requires an extra flask or bottle to get your drink to its destination before pouring it into a glass. Also, even for fans of the Hydro Flask, the cost of these cups is a bit off to build a full service kit for $ 25 each.

As an outsider, I have found that the Hydro Flask Rocks Cup is best used at night table for bourbon on rocks. Sweat-free design prevents glassware rings և avoids the need for a plate.

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