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Thoughtworks has contracted to help the New South Wales Government develop a national digital birth certificate.

The NSW government first announced its National Electronic Birth Certificate Planning In April 2021. At the time, NSU’s Minister of Digital Client Affairs Victor Dominello said the aim of the initiative was to “use technology to make life easier for families so that they can spend more time with their newborn baby and less time with the government”. .

Then last November, the state government announced a tender to create a digital certificate for a vendor.

As Thoughtworks secures this agreement, it will now be responsible for providing a digital birth certificate that can run on multiple platforms, including Android and Apple iOS, as a multi-browser web application.

The project, which is scheduled to launch later this year, will undergo on-site quality testing, access to web content, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as data privacy and all relevant cyber security requirements.

Prior to the announcement of the competition, the NSW Government undertook a research process where he consulted with a long list of stakeholders to help him establish guiding principles for product design.

According to NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriage Registrar Amanda Ianna, the study identified four key features that public-private sector clients expect to include in their digital birth certificates: it can be used for check և traceability. it must contain the source of truth when its copy is distributed. : It should contain the most up-to-date information about the person.

The NSW government has assured that once the digital birth certificate is issued, it will be optional; it will be intended to supplement the paper birth certificate, not replace it.

“A digital birth certificate will be more than just the beginning of an identity. It will help support your story, ”Ianna said earlier.

“If you look at the graphs on it, the graphic will actually match the birth certificate paper we use across this country. Each state և area uses the same birth certificate paper և we will reflect what we build to make it look the same. »:


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