“I’m terrified.” Tampa Bay’s parents demand a solution due to the lack of a baby formula

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News at 10) – A nationwide shortage of infant formula is making Florida families angry. Parents tell CW44 News that they are constantly searching for the formula, but store shelves across the region are becoming empty.

«[If] “We do not have formula, we do not feed our babies,” said Tampa Bay’s mother, local nurse Kimberly Culbertson. She was expecting sleepless nights with her two small children, but did not expect it to be due to infant formula.

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“It literally gets to the point where there is nothing left. It’s hypoallergenic, it’s Nutramigen, it’s literally every formula out there. My baby is a big boy, he eats 36 ounces a day. It’s a bath for four days. I’m only allowed two baths a week. And if there is a storm, և we will feed our baby enough. ”

She says she drove for more than two hours, constantly checking the shelves for the Enfamil brand used by her children to make ends meet during the week. But when rival Abbott Nutrition recalled three products in February, including Similac, many turned to Enfamil instead.

“It didn’t affect us at all at first, then everyone switched from Similac to Enfamil, so now I can not find it anywhere,” he said, adding that third-party vendors were confused. “And then I get personal messages saying, ‘Oh, I have a formula, one bath will cost $ 56.’ And I say, “It’s $ 32 on Publix.” It’s in the Facebook Marketplace, it’s all over. We are being pushed to do it. ”

As local stores limit the amount of infant formula for customers, CW44 specialist Andrea Alvarez turned to Dr. Rachel Dawkins, a local pediatrician, who said it was safe to change the brand if you could find it.

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“Over six months, they can try some extra food, which can definitely make up for the amount of formula they use, but usually does not completely replace it,” explained Dr. Dawkins. However, the risk of developing bacteria պակաս lack of calcium are reasons to avoid making formula at home. “We know there are recipes, but it’s not safe.”

Medical experts also advise parents to avoid diluting baby formula or adding extra water to make the formula go further. Dr. Dawkins says it can cause electrolyte imbalance and reduce the number of calories a baby gets.

Another tip, says Calbertson, which only takes him far.

“If your car does not have gas, you do not go to work, but you can still eat. My baby does not get formula, he does not eat. And when I have only three or four days left, I am terrified. That’s something I’m really worried about right now. “

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