In New Mandate Letter, Senior Mountie asked to speed up RCMP reforms, boost recruitment | CBC News:

The federal government has instructed RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucky to launch a new march, including increased recruitment and a review of the use of force by mountaineers, and asked officers to respond more quickly to remove firearms from potentially dangerous situations of intimate partner violence.

A new letter of mandate sent by Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino on Friday morning called for the summit to “accelerate RCMP reforms over the next two years.”

In an interview with CBC News, Mendicino said the new priorities come amid a changing landscape of threat.

“What are these disturbing trends?” I would say, one, the rise of ideological extremism that can lead to violence. “Second, the continuing alarming trends in gun violence and related gender violence.” he said.

“Thus, the publication of an updated letter of mandate is to ensure that there is adequate attention and accountability for the implementation of these priorities, as they relate to public safety.”

One of the key points of the letter is the improvement of RCMP’s recruitment to “better reflect the communities it serves, in particular indigenous communities, and to recruit more members needed to fight serious crime.”

According to RCMP’s own statistics, about 8.1% of regular members were recognized as natives in 2014. That number has dropped to seven percent in 2021.

Mendicino said he had “constructive talks” with Lucy about the need to raise those figures.

“I think this goes to the basis of the RCMP’s relationship between the ‘communities’ they control, because if the RCMP reflects the diversity of the community where they work, I think it will foster a relationship. “They are based on trust and honesty,” he said.

Ability to “manage RCMP”. Mendicino

The minister said he believed the distrust of the RCMP և among some indigenous communities could be overcome, “but I believe it will take a lot of work.”

He said. “I think the work begins with recognizing the tragic, difficult, painful story surrounding the role of the RCMP in residential schools.”

The man is reacting after a guilty verdict was announced during the trial of former police officer Derek Shovin in the case of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in 2020. (Maury Gash / Associated Press)

The Minister also asked Lucki to help develop new national standards on how officers should intervene in a crisis situation and conduct an external review of de-escalation techniques.

As part of this, the government demands that the RCMP ban the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and neck restraints.

News of the ban has already raised some concerns Restrictive options for officers in high stress situations.

The issue comes two years after the assassination of George Floyd, a police officer in the United States, whose death sparked mass protests against police brutality in North America.

“There is an opportunity for the RCMP to lead by setting a number of new national standards for the use of force,” Mendicino said.

He said the RCMP “can lead” by “seeking to create and modernize systemic racism and inequality policies that has seen the over-representation of racialized Canadians and indigenous peoples in our justice system.”

Mountis asked to move faster, taking out his guns

In one of the more specific inquiries, Mendicino asked Lucy’s officers to remove the firearm from potentially dangerous situations of intimate partner violence.

“I think this ensures that there is adequate focus on resources, on the RCMP և local law enforcement, to respond quickly to reports of intimate partner violence or gender-based violence in the presence of weapons,” he said. he said.

Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino said the new mandate was a way to hold the RCMP accountable. (Adrian Wilde / Canadian Press)

The letter also asks Laki to complete the establishment of an independent harassment center. The Center was born out of the RCMP’s internal sexual harassment crisis է is called to act as an external body dealing with allegations.

He also instructed to work with indigenous communities, addressing the legacy of residential schools, including the disclosure of documents, to help communities “seek justice at their own pace.”

Mendicino said Lucky’s success would depend on whether he met the goals set out in the new letter.

“We will be able to follow that progress, I think, very concretely, because the language itself is concrete,” he said.

Lucky last received a letter of mandate from then-Minister of Public Security Ralph Goodale in 2018. The letter was mainly aimed at reforming the RCMP culture, protecting members from harassment and violence in the workplace.

“I would say that the RCMP has made progress, but there is a need to drive that progress, to accelerate the steps that are being taken to reform the RCMP,” Mendicino said.

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