In the center of the January 6 session, federal law enforcement officers searched the house of a former official of the Ministry of Justice

WASHINGTON – Federal law enforcement officers were at Virginia’s home Jeffrey ClarkA former Justice Department official at the hearing on Thursday, January 6.

The spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office confirmed that the operation took place on Wednesday, but the spokesman did not comment on the reason for the activity.

Thursday evening interview: Clark told Fox News’ Thacker Carlson that just before 7 a.m. Wednesday, he opened his front door to track down federal agents.

“I opened the door, asked for politeness so that I could wear pants,” they told me. “No, you have to go out,” Clark said.

According to Clark, who said he was later allowed to re-enter his home, about a dozen federal agents, two local police officers, the “stinking dog” appeared, and searched the house for “three and a half hours.” »:

“They took all the electronics from my house,” Clark added, without saying why the agents were there.

The news about the activities of the law enforcement appeared on January 6, just one hour before the investigation of the committee of the House of Representatives. held a session watching how then-President Donald Trump used the Department of Justice to try to overthrow the 2020 election results. The committee claims that Clark was central to the plot, creating a direct channel for Trump, passing on to his superiors.

Previous testimonies have shown that Clark strongly believed in the false allegations that the election was stolen from Trump.

Trump was considering appointing Clark as attorney general to help with his post-election campaign, but several high-ranking Justice Department officials threatened to step down, prompting Trump to abandon the plan. Previous testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Clarke, former director of the Office of Management’s Budget and president of the American Center for Renewal, where Clark is a partner, issued a statement Thursday condemning the law enforcement and urging “patriots” to support Clark.

“The new era of criminalization of politics is getting worse in the United States. “Yesterday, more than a dozen DOJ law enforcement officers searched Jeff Clark’s home during a raid yesterday morning, put him on the streets in his pajamas and confiscated his electronic devices,” Woot said in a statement. “All because Jeff found it expedient to investigate election fraud. This is not America, people. “

Clark summoned to Capitol riot committee in October’s final interview It is reported that he applied for the Fifth Amendment more than 100 timesCNN reports.

The testimony of former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, former Deputy Attorney General Richard Donogo, and Steven Engel, former Assistant Attorney General of the Office of the Legal Adviser, was presented at Thursday night’s hearing. all were appointed by Trump. All three testified about Trump’s efforts to make Clark acting attorney general and their threats that if he resigns.

Clark, meanwhile, maintained his presence in the MAGA world by appearing on Steve Bannon’s podcast and having an account on Trump’s social media site, Truth Social. And he was trying to raise money while attacking the committee, telling potential donors that he had been “targeted for cancellation by the January 6 hyper-party committee, the” mainstream “media, a collection of left-wing lecturers, and alleged” Republicans “who are never suitable for Trump. ».

Sarah Mims և: Zoe Richards contributed.

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