Influencers providing medical, financial advice now need certification, says China – TechCrunch

China has taken one step towards regulating how online influencers provide information to their followers.

The government has made great efforts over the years to moderate digital content. The rise of real-time media, such as live streaming and fast video sharing, has made it more difficult to remove illegal, unwanted information. As such, new means of control are constantly being introduced as the Internet landscape evolves.

Influencers distributing “professional” content in the fields of medicine, finance, law, education և live broadcasters must have the appropriate licenses for their respective fields, says a number of new fields. provisions: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which oversees Internet culture, said in a statement issued by China’s National Broadcasting Authority, which licenses content providers.

Platform operators should be responsible for reviewing broadcasters’ credentials and posting relevant information in official records. Hosts and content synthesized through artificial intelligence are subject to the same requirements as human broadcasters, the rules say.

New policies will inevitably raise the bar for independent content creators, but may be good for combating misinformation, especially when their opinions may influence individuals’ health and financial decisions.

Online live streaming has grown in China over the past few years, becoming a silent way for many to consume information and shop. clothes, products և etc. – Like in the age of mobile internet TV shopping. As of December 2021, more than 700 million people in China were live users, which is 68% of the country’s Internet population. official data.

ByteDance’s Douyin video app, the Chinese version of TikTok, և Tencent-backed Kuaishou are two of the best live streaming platforms in the country. Other great players like: Hua և Duuy specialize in game content.

Livestreaming has really become an integral feature of all types of platforms to engage users. The financial app can have analysts share their wealth management tips in live sessions, and the health app can also invite doctors to talk in real time.

Another recent change in how China wants to control digital content is a new mechanism that checks users’ comments before they appear live. suggested rule:which has sparked debate over expression.

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