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When Emily Dickinson met her first true book as a child, she had a moment of pure, joyful recognition. “So this is a book.” he: exclaimed. “And they are more.” Atlantic Ocean will continue to publish Dickinson’s poems. More importantly, it introduced him to lifelong teacher Thomas Wentworth Higginson. After reading Dickinson’s article “Letter to: young investorIn the April 1862 issue Atlantic Oceanhe: wrote: to him, beginning the correspondence of decades. Higginson will eventually help compile his first collection of poems. Looking back, I’m grateful to the reader for that early, happy reading. So this is a book.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. reading About: books can also have a revealing effect. Reading an essay about a writer’s work means entering into an intimate, three-way relationship between the critic, the author, and the “reader.” It is a space of communication, where the book in hand becomes a common subject worthy of constant, deep attention.

That quality of literature և the critique that helps to understand it is a big part of why we are excited to expand our book coverage. Atlantic Ocean. Since its founding in 1857, this “Literature, Art, and Politics” magazine has written extensively on the most important books of the day – the literary debates. It has been defended by generations of essayists, novelists and poets (although, with great care, Dickinson published it only after his death). And it published the stories of James Baldwin, Kurt Vonnegut, Louise Erdrich, Alice Munro, Lauren Grof, mentioning just a few. Based on this solid foundation, we will bring you more of what we have always done, as well as some new suggestions. Expect more book reviews and essays, plus provocative arguments, reports, profiles, original fiction և poetry, իհարկե, of course, suggestions for each of your reading needs.

Why now? At first glance, books may not seem convenient to keep up with the many challenges of our time. But paradoxically, we can turn more and more to books because they require our attention. Literature has a unique ability to slow us down, even when it broadens our horizons. That makes it especially fantastic for us era of dispersion. Books are also a means of free expression of ideas, a value that this institution shares – that’s it under attack culturally and politically. one of the roles of Atlantic Oceanas our Editor-in-Chief, Cullen Murphy he said once, is committed to telling “the big story that is hidden, untold, with the little ones being told.” Books also play this role.

The literary landscape today is full of such undertakings. Prose writers struggle creatively Climate crisis, alleged predatory behavior, the future of work. Poets take it upon themselves key issues of identity. They are anthropologists reinterpretation Our assumptions about the social history of mankind are great. Earlier texts may also be suggested when revised historical context that: sounds sharp decades later. Reading can show us in a new way the forces that shape our institutions, our beliefs, our sense of identity. It can expand our view of the world around us. the time Atlantic OceanOur goal was to introduce the readers to the old and new books, to present the ideas in them critically and curiously.

Reading, as Dickinson discovered, can also provoke almost excessive joy in you. Many of my favorite books (և, I bet, many of you) have no useful use. instead, they may include fictional languages ​​that release the writer’s audacity, or present their own characters that seem cut off from the whole. pieces, և are simply magical in their magic or absurdity. They can prevent us from admiring the simplicity of a single sentence. And they remind us, in big and small ways, of what makes us human. When books are under threat across the country, reading and writing about literature, in the meantime, perhaps, to better understand ourselves and others, becomes more powerful. I hope you will join us in this work.

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