Irish cocktail

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Add Irish whiskey (Bushmills), absinthe (St. Add ice մեջ) to a frozen mixing bowl St. mix: until well cooled. Squeeze into a glass of iced cocktail and garnish with lemon turn ուղ olives.


This strange combination with the scent of orange and anise is actually quite tasty. At first it is lightly tinted with citrus malt, followed by a wave of anise’s son from absinthe. The cocktail ends with a touch of sweet-vegetable, smoky-salty.

Irish Cocktail 2:


I first came across this classic drink by Patrick III Duffy Official Mixer Tutorial. Perfect, I thought it was not just an Irish whiskey cocktail, but it came from an Irishman. But it turns out that the drink was long before Duffy’s famous book, appeared in everyone’s favorite book. Savoy Cocktails Book, among others. The oldest reference I have ever seen is to Harry McElhon 1927. Barflies և cocktails.

In addition to Irish whiskey Irish cocktail It is made with maraschino, orange curacao with a touch of absinthe, like a little Angostura, which fills well. For now it may sound a bit like the famous genever cocktail called Improved Dutch gin cocktailbut here is the tramp. In addition to the turn, it is also decorated with a name olive.

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