Is Jake Paul really the answer to women’s boxing?

“He’s not as much of a clown as he thinks he is,” Hearn said. “He fell in love with boxing like everyone else.”

Herr said that millions of extra eyes from Paul’s social media platforms “can only be good” for boxing, especially for its marketability.

“Some people confuse it. “The world middleweight champion does not necessarily have to earn the same amount as the men’s world middleweight champion,” said Hearn. “But if they have the same commercial value, they should get the same amount, it did not happen.”

After Dmitry Bivol defeated Saul Alvarez, known as Canello, Serrano’s team in Las Vegas on Saturday night suggested a a double title presented as “Revenge”. Paul said his goal was to get Serrano, who once had his paydays measured in triple-digit, low-four-digit numbers, to pay $ 10 million before the end of his career, when he realized that changing the system was a “long-term problem”. play”.

One question that arises in this regard is whether Paul can sustain his evolution The main tormentor of the internet to the businessman, the promoter of sports, whom he calls the “ultimate barbaric expression”.

“I tell my friends this. “I literally have enough money to retire for the rest of my life, to go to the sunset and not work anymore,” he said. “For me, it is not about money, attention. “It’s about leaving this heritage ‘sport in a better place than where I found it, because I owe my life to boxing.’

Paul said promoting Serrano was “just the beginning” of his boxing career. And, of course, he has his own fights to advance.

In the morning after Serrano’s loss, Paul returned to social media to announce the date of his next fight, August:against a determined opponent.

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