It is reported that TikTok envisages a “big push” in games և games that can be played live with viewers.

Reuters: Reports: TikTok is testing games for the app in Vietnam before the “big push” into space. The company representative confirmed the testing of HTML5 mini-games, saying: “We are always looking for ways to enrich our platform, to constantly test new opportunities, to integrations that bring value to our community.”

Sources in the magazine say the plan is for ad-supported games coming from the library of its parent company, ByteDance, which could increase revenue and increase the amount of time people spend on the TikTok app, if at all possible.

Crazy Disc 3D:
File: Zynga

TikTok has already tried at least one add-on mini-game as it is Collaborated with Feeding America to prepare Good gardena Farm:– such an experience where players could earn points և use them to donate. It also: announced cooperation with Farm: developed by developer Zynga late last year Crazy Disc 3D:Endless HTML5-based runner that can run within the app, but new reports suggest this is just the beginning for TikTok gaming ambitions.

TikTok’s Chinese predecessor Douyin already has games like other companies Facebook: և: Netflix: have recently invaded mobile gaming. TikTok has also tested its gaming streaming software Live Studio for PC : allowed some creators to add more interactivity including mini-attachments in videos.

Another reports TechCrunch: Sources of product intelligence company Watchful, which says that TikTok works on a number of features of live broadcasting. These include games that help broadcasters communicate with viewers, including a game like Pictionary, a “treasure box” gift experience that deals coins to casual viewers over a period of time, and a shopping experience that allows viewers to browse. products live.

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