“It’s just a shame, man.” Why was the Mavs-Suns blast the worst TV show since the Seinfeld final?

What is worse than terrible?

Cruel? Pity Sad? Poor. Is it possible?

Yes, let’s go disgusting.

It describes the game quite well Phoenix Suns in the 7th decisive match of their series Dallas Mavericks Sunday. The Mavs defeated the Suns 123-90. “It’s not that close,” said TNT’s Charles Barkley, who finished it for the Suns after they won the team’s record 64 regular-season games.

But they have only won three of the top seven series.

It was a horrible TV show, the biggest disappointment of the small screen for something that everyone thought would be great since the Seinfeld final.

And that says something.

People watching at Footprint Center. Lil Wayne և Kansas City CEO Trace Kells among Suns-Mavericks Game 7 celebrities

Charles Barkley was in shock. Kin Harlan compared it to a video game

“I’m in shock,” Barkley, the former Suns star, said during a TNT studio show. “No one has seen this coming. “It’s just embarrassing, man.”

It happened. For a moment, K. Harlan called the game Reggie Miller For TNT, comparing it to a video game.

“I look at that score – 70-32,” he said. “It’s like playing an (NBA) 2K game, isn’t it?” I can not even begin to understand it. “

The men could not either.

What happened?: How Suns lost five wins since returning to the NBA Finals

It was surreal. The broadcast, at least, reflected that. The explosion is when the broadcasting teams really earn their defense. It’s easy to create an interesting game that is worth watching. When the team experiences a mysterious collapse, as the Suns did on Sunday, that’s a different story.

Harlan is a first-class “play-by-play” host. Miller is quite a pedestrian, but they move well.

“Dallas has an incredible 33-5.” Harlan said for a moment. His description was accurate.

“This is an old-fashioned blow that takes you back in the woods,” Miller said.

He is accurate. Fantastic host of the TNT studio show Ernie Johnson told viewers after the game that the Dallas 57-27 advantage in the half was the biggest advantage in the history of the 7th NBA game.

Indeed, at some point it became history. How bad can it be? For a moment it seemed that this could lead to a 50-point advantage for Dallas. It was like an alternate universe where the Suns returned to their biblical days a few seasons ago when they were one of the worst teams in the league.

“Footprint Center,” Johnson said. “Dallas left its mark on the whole area,” he would say, so that Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal would not interrupt him, as they are accustomed to.

He is the voice of Arner. In the Navajo language. LA Williams struggles to keep his tongue alive

Shaquille O’Neal was diplomatic about the loss of Sansi

O’Neill, in turn, was diplomatic.

“I will accuse only one of those nights,” he said.

The game was so bad that eventually the TNT studio staff talked about what good shows “Bonanza” և “The Great Valley” are.

It’s just sad.

From 64 victories to this. 5 steps from Mavs after Sans’s failed defeat. Big 3 no show:

It’s a really sad ending to a season that looked great for Sansi. After leading 2-0 Milwaukee Bucks In last season’s NBA Finals, after losing just four games in a row, the Bucks lost. Boston Celtics during their own 7th Sunday game. this was to be the season of redemption. So what now? Next year?

This year should have been next year last year, if that makes sense. This, indeed, is the loss that is so ugly, so harmful, that it can leave scars. When you have supposedly the best team in the NBA, պարզապես you just do not show up, how do you move forward with confidence? How do you look confident?

There are obviously many, many worse things happening in the world right now. Sport is supposed to temporarily delay all that. If you’re a fan of the Suns, this is not it.

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This article originally appeared in the Republic of Arizona. Why was the Dallas Mavericks-Phoenix Suns hit on “shameful” TV?

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