Jason Daggar claims brother Josh “will never stop loving” դատ Judge’s decision is “fair”

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“Yesterday my elder brother was sentenced to 151 months, about 12 1/2 years in prison. to receive և to possess “Child pornography” Jason “Jace” Daggar wrote in his Instagram Story on Thursday (May 26), a day later Josh Daggar knew his fate after being accused of child pornography. “In my opinion,” wrote 22-year-old Jace, “Judge Timothy L. “Brooks was right to give Josh a verdict that would be considered below average for the crimes he committed.”

“I am just saddened by my brother’s election. His actions do not reflect the actions of the Christian believer; they have undoubtedly tarnished the name of my Lord չի Savior. Joshua’s wrong decisions had a big impact [sic] “Everyone around him, especially his wife, his seven children, our family as a whole,” he said. By saying this, I will never stop loving my brother, no matter what he does, just as my Savior forgave me, so I forgave my brother for his wrongdoings. It is my prayer that God will use this circumstance to truly humble him and make a real difference in his life. ”


Josh, 34, received 151 months. 12.5 years, approximately – Convicted of two counts of possession and receipt of child pornography in December 2021. Josh also received a $ 10,000 fine for a 20-year controlled release. She is also not allowed to have unattended visits with her seven children (who currently range in age from seven months to twelve years old). “The defendant should not communicate with minors without supervision. “If there is a concern about accidental contact with a juvenile at a particular location, function, or event, Defendant must be confirmed by the U.S. Probation Office prior to attending such location, function, or event.” court documents Received by: HollywoodLife:.

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“We are not happy or disappointed with the sentence, but we are thankful that it is finally over.” Jill Daggar և her husband, Derrick Dillardwrote to their personal blog after the verdict. “The Bible clearly states that God, through his governing authorities, influences righteousness and vengeance. While some believe that Josh should have received a greater sentence, even fewer people think that he should have received a lighter sentence, God has now avenged his unspeakable criminal activity. “We hope that Josh can actually start treatment և start working on a lifestyle where he is less likely to get hurt again.”

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