Judge bans Biden from ending Trump-era Covid restrictions on border migrants

A federal judge blocked it on Friday Biden’s administration From the end of the Trump-era policy, which severely restricts the entry of asylum seekers to the United States due to the epidemic.

The order was issued by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas just weeks later announced that families և single adult asylum seekers who have been rejected On the US-Mexico border will have the opportunity to apply for asylum in the United States from May 23, taking into account the new assessment of Covid restrictions by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Louisiana District Judge Robert Summerhys said U.S. officials in the Biden administration could not begin reversing a health order known as Title 42, which has blocked more than 1.8 million attempts to cross the border since the early days of the coronavirus.

Trump-appointed Summerhouse also instructed the Homeland Security Department to submit monthly reports on border crossings, as well as “any significant policy change related to DHS’s use of the Title 42 process.”

The agency stated that it will fulfill the judge’s order.

The court ruling comes from a lawsuit filed by Missouri, Louisiana and Arizona against the CDC order to lift the 42nd title restrictions. Other states have signed up and asked the judge for a preliminary injunction.

Summerhays said on Friday that the ban would last until a full trial and a decision on the merits of the case had been made.

The White House says the Justice Department intends to appeal.

“The power to set public health policies should rest with the Centers for Disease Control and not with one district court,” said White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre.

“As the appeal progresses,” he added, “the Department of Homeland Security will continue to plan for the final removal of Title 42, taking into account the CDC Public Health Judgment.”

Continuation of Title 42 One more setback for the administration. At the same time, it gives officials more time to prepare for what is expected to increase border crossings if policy is pushed back.

According to NBC News review of internal planning documents this week, senior Homeland Security officials are concerned that they will do so. do not have sufficient funding և Means of coverage Record number of migrants at the southern borderespecially when the CDC is being prepared eliminate the 42nd title. As a result, officials are urging the administration to demand an additional spending bill from Congress, the documents show.

The Biden administration has been criticized on both sides of the aisle for implementing Title 42, which was first used in March 2020. Republicans widely opposed To put an end to politics, several pro-center Democrats, including Arizona Senators Kirsten Cinema and Montana’s John Tester, were also questioned. Is the administration ready? for the projected growth of asylum seekers.

“The decision by a federal court to block Biden’s termination of Chapter 42 is a victory for our Homeland Security, our Border Patrol agents, and the security of the Americans,” said John Katko, a New York State House Republican. , it is said in the announcement. “The Biden administration has been characterized by crises, and then it can not solve them viciously. And Biden’s border crisis tops that list. “

Julia Ainsley contributed.

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