Keane McCade admits trying to force Sandra Oh to return to “Gray Anatomy”

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Mr. McCead just added himself to the list of fans he wanted Sandra Oh to return Gray’s anatomy! The 48-year-old actor made these comments during the celebration of the 400th episode of the show on May 5 in Hollywood. “I wish I could always say that, I would like Sandra Oh to be back,” said Keane, who has been Dr. Owen Hunt since 2008. PEOPLE. “I do not think he will do it. He keeps saying he will not do it. Every time I see him, I always feel the need for him, I say: “Come come: Only one. Maybe one day he will say yes. I always work on him. ”

Keane McCade և Sandra Oh at the 66th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards on January 25, 2014 in Century City, California. (MBB Images / BEI / Shutterstock)

Keane went on to describe Sandra’s tremendous talent as an artist. “I think there is a way to reach him do one“He told the newspaper. “He is really an artist. And when he moves, he moves. So it’s not because he feels bad, he’s just moving forward. ” The TV star added that he is close to the 50-year-old actress, who has memorized doctor Christina Young for 10 seasons. “We are really good friends,” he said, then added jokingly. “So Sandra, I’m coming to you.”

Sandra’s obvious turn as a skilled doctor և Owen Hunt’s wife It did not go unnoticed. Before she left in 2013, Sandra won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role. While the return show can either may not be In Sandra Cards, she revealed last year about the major changes the show brought to her life at half-age.

Sandra Oh & Kevin McKidd:
Sandra Oh և Kevin McCead in “Gray’s Anatomy.” (ABC)

“Frankly said. it was traumatic“, He said in an interview in August 2021 Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist. “The reason why I say that these are the circumstances in which you have to do your job is a great secret. And so when someone loses their anonymity, you have to acquire skills to still try to be real. ”

Meanwhile, the dramatic increase in fame due to mass popularity Gray’s anatomy It was an adjustment, Sandra told Willie that it could be managed through therapy. “I went out of my way to not be able to go out, like hiding in restaurants, and then I was able to control my attention, manage my expectations, while not losing my sense of self,” he told the host. “You just have to try to find your way to the ground. And many times it is by saying no. “

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