The Kelpie’ll get you!

Inspired by Reader Comment և With the advent of St. Andrew’s Day (now past), I have embarked on the mission of creating as many Scottish cocktails as possible. I accidentally informed Mrs. Prof that I was working on a Scottish mix, green ginger wine և: Backfast was authoritatively informed that it would be “disgusting»: And as we know, the lady is the proof never wrong. In spite of my sanity, I went through my reckless attempt to “reach down” to the fiction presented below. Somewhat negronic or perhaps more boulevard – in profile it uses Bucky as a replacement for the Italian Vermouth, and Crabbie as a replacement for the Campari, which tends to be more green և ginger than red և orange redness. After playing with the proportions for a while, after adding some bitterness as a connecting agent, after the positive feedback from several subjects, I realized that Mrs. Prof. sometimes wrong. I liked it so much that I called it the legendary Scottish water spirit եմ I present it to you և good people.

Those outside the UK may have a hard time getting some of these ingredients, but green ginger wine can often be found in Chinese grocery stores, and a good Italian vermouth, especially Carpano Antica with its similar vanilla bean, will bring you closer to Buckfast.


1.5 ounces / 45 ml optional Scotch *

0.75 oz / 22 ml Crabbie’s (or other brand) green ginger wine.

0.75 oz / 22 ml Backfast tonic wine.

1 hot bitter aroma (for example, Angostura or Bograt).

Mix with ice և Squeeze into a frozen DoF cup containing a large piece of ice.

Garnish with a layer of orange peel.

Toast: Kelpies: – Keep young children away from dangerous water bodies for hundreds of years.

* The Scots you choose will have a big impact on the drink. Basic mixed scotch is quite convenient, but single malt is just as acceptable. I covered the middle ground with a few pieces Monkey shoulder.

see secret product in Box below

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