Kiel, Wisconsin School District charges children for using incorrect pronouns

A Wisconsin school district has filed a sexual harassment complaint against three high school students for calling a classmate by a misnomer.

The 3,600-person Kiel School District has charged three eighth-graders at Kiel High School with sexual harassment after students refused to use the word “them” after an incident in April, referring to a classmate who had changed. pronouns one month before the presumed event, according to reports.

“I got a phone call from the principal warning me that I was going to receive a letter accusing my son of sexual harassment,” said Rosemary Rabidu, whose 13-year-old son Braden is one. students are accused of sexual harassment.

“I was immediately shocked,” he told FOX 11. “I’m thinking about sexual harassment. It is rape, it is inappropriate touch, it is incest. What did my son do? ”

The allegations of sexual harassment were filed by the school district of Kiel, Wisconsin, a city of 3,600 people.

The Wisconsin Institute for Freedom’s Law protects the accused students, arguing that the misuse of pronouns is not covered by Title IX, a US Department of Education charter that protects people from gender discrimination in education.

“Title IX sexual harassment usually includes things like rape, dating violence, certain sexual privileges. “It’s really scary,” said Will Berg, Will’s adviser. “In this case, there is nothing far beyond the supposed.”

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