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This is officially my first Southern Summer here in Nashville. Not the summer I imagined I would have, it definitely is. Today it is 91, so I made Margarita popcorn with this kiwi watermelon. I used to buy a lot of fruit, freeze smoothie bowls, make frozen pearls, now that it’s hotter. It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m freezing cold on the deck. Let me tell you – it is a pleasure to have an outdoor area with a central air conditioner for the first time in my life. But not as good a treat as this kiwi watermelon gray. I can lie. I’m not sure.

Kiwi watermelon Margarita popsicles, makes up 10

1/3 cup tequila

1/2 glass of lime juice

3 ch.c. agave nectar

2 ch.c. triple seconds

4 kiwis peeled and sliced

2 cups watermelon

Popsicle template

First, batch your pearl mixture. Add tequila, lime’s agave nectar for three seconds. I did it in a measuring cup. Since we had to layer, the valves were going to be done in two steps, և I wanted both to have a mixture in them so that both parts were drinkable.

Then clean and chop your kiwis. Add them to the jug of your blender, sprinkling the pearl mixture to make them puree. After mixing, distribute the kiwi pearl mixture evenly in the valve molds. Refrigerate for about an hour or until frozen. Stick to your pearl mixture for the next step.

As soon as the kiwi part of your stick is frozen, it’s time to prepare the watermelon layer. Add your watermelon to the clean jug in your blender with the remaining margarine mixture.

Mix and then distribute evenly between the sticky molds on the kiwi layer. Place the adhesive sticks on top of the mold tray. Refrigerate for up to four hours, but overnight is always best.

I haven’t made a drink in a long time, և my son missed them. They always hurt so much when I took pictures in my old house in the summer because there was no air conditioner. Try photographing something that melts in a 90 degree kitchen. It’s not funny.

I’m glad to say that it was much easier to photograph them. It turns out that having a central air is amazing. Who knew? lol. I have a feeling I will make a lot more stickers this summer because they are so good. What do you dislike about dessert և frozen cocktail?

Margarita Popsicles with this kiwi watermelon appeared on this very hot day, as they are spicy, fruity and completely refreshing. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits that I use in pearls, և I have been drinking watermelon pearls a lot lately. Then it occurred to me that I should turn it gray. I do not know why I never thought about it before, but I’m glad I did.

I hope you make this margarita popcill with watermelon. Check out my other gray ideas Boozy Cold Brew Popsicles:, Dark ոթ stormy candles or these Aperol Spritz Popsicles:. And if you make them, do not forget to comment below և let me know what you think.

Hello everyone և safe on the weekend of July 4. Remember to wash those hands.

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