Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant are not as close as they used to be

Here is a better question. How likely is it that Durant will leave the Nets? His loyalty has always been more to Irving than to the organization. According to ESPN correspondent Nick Friedel in SportsCenter, Durant and Irving are not as close as they used to be. “Every step is public, [Kevin Durant] has been there to support [Kyrie Irving]To say we need Cairo, to say Cairo can win a title with me here in Brooklyn. But I can tell you that I’ve been talking to the people in the organization for the last few weeks, when they finally sat down and talked with Kevin all summer, they were trying to find out if Kevin had seen what everyone else had seen. Առը The reason the whole season went awry was that they could not count on Kairi և they did not know if he would be there. And: Kevin’s problem is that he wants to win badly, he wants to be loyal to his friend. But I have been told that relationships, although very close, are not always as close as they seem. ”
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Eric Pincus @Eric Pincus
Last: @BleacherReport: The trade of Kairi Irving’s 3 teams between the Lakers-Nets-Thunders can make everyone happy. I mean, this is the internet, nothing is going to make everyone happy. However, I wondered why it might add up…01:09:

Alex Kennedy @AlexKennedy NBA:
What is the latest about Cairo Irving’s future? @Michael Scotto: is currently discussing.…23:08:

David Hardist @clutches
He said: @Kendrick Perkins:It’s not going to be the “power” that Durant’s “might” want to get out of. “He wants to leave if the Brooklyn Nets do not offer Kairi a long-term extension.” – 21:54:

Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA:
ICYMI: Lowe Post podcast. Steve Kerr goes behind the scenes G during the GSW title race, then և @Jonathan Givoni About Kyrie Free Design / Commercial News Agency, more.

Bill Oram @billoram
Because I’m saying through my teeth that the Lakers should chase after Cyrus Irving if he ‘s really available, but just because they’ve supported in a corner like this, they can not afford to ask the most important questions.…20:27:

StatMuse: @status:
What Kairy has to do to join the Lakers.
– Leave your hometown
– Leave it to his best friend
– Leave $ 30 million on the table
If LeBron does that, he is the greatest grandmaster of all time.

Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS:
The Pistons could hack Twitter right now by swallowing Russell Westbrook in the space of their new hat.
Take 27/29 first և Help the Lakers clear the way for Kairy Lmao. No Pistons fan will participate with it, but it will be a grant և space trade for the top three. – 18:12:

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA:
New: @FrontOfficeShow: up! @Trevor_Lane: & I’m talking about Kairy (Lakers ???), Harden, Options (Tucker, Batum, Connaughton), Hornets, and even Ja Raffe. Watch, like և subscribe below և. 18 thousand subscribers soon.
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I’m connected @ESPNLosAngeles: w /@John Ireland: 1-4pm PT! Talking Lakers, Dodgers, Gonsolin, Kyrie, NBA Draft, MANDY Awards, Rams, then Upcoming @hulu: Lakers doc և more. Listen. AK – 16:28:

Rick Bukher @RicBucher:
What’s next for the Warriors core, Kyrie Irving, Deandre Ayton and others?…15:57:

David Hardist @clutches
Windhorst thinks that Kyrie’s belongings are mostly “fit”, և many think that she will return to Brooklyn. If he really threatens, he should give up… և $ 25-30 million salary cuts (elsewhere). – 15:54:

Mark Stein @TheSteinLine:
The latest about Kyrie Irving, which other teams are legally involved in the discussion, updates to Jaylen Branson և PJ Tucker և more միջոցով all through my latest league notebook, which has just been sent worldwide.…15:48:

Jabari Dևis @JabariDavisNBA:
People really believe that they KNOW what Kair’s thinking, that’s fun. just expensive 😂 – 15:39:

Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS:
I will believe Cairo takes TPMLE when I see it. I do not explicitly deny it because he is not a completely rational actor, but I am not really ready to put any thought into it, because it would just be crazy. I still think he is signing Nets again. – 15:35:

Anthony Puccio @ACCOUNT
I will be @ESPN Radio: 7-9pm during ET to discuss the Nets / Kyrie Irving. Combine – 15:26:

Kurt Helen @basketball talk
Report. Durant is not hiring free agents outside of Brooklyn this season, does Irving matter?…15:11:

David Hardist @clutches
Missiles, if Kyrie leaves, D KD will ask for a trade

David Hardist @clutches
Wow. “Kevin Durant remains very close to Kairy Irving. They came together and are still together. Durant wants to return Kair. What is the danger of the Nets if Kairi really leaves? Is your Durant asking for a trade then? ”
He says Kairy’s best leverage to get a big deal is KD pressure. – 15:06:

Justin Kubatko @ժկուբատկո:
It: @Oklahoma City Thunder: It is the only franchise in the history of the NBA that has chosen a future MVP with three straight lines.
Եւ Kevin Durant (2007)
✅ Russell Westbrook (2008)
Հ James Harden (2009)
In fact, no other franchisee has opted for future MVP feedback.

Sirius XM NBA: @SiriusXMNBA:
Reports suggest that the future of Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn is unclear.
Former Nets executive և current ESPN NBA front office insider @Bobby Marks: tells @Frank Isola: և: @Brian Scalabrine: why both sides benefit from staying together #NetsWorld

Aaron Rose @Aaron BenRose
If you are a Raptors և you had to (և could / they could not) sign either Kairy or Harden to the maximum, who would you choose to carry luggage և all. 14:30:

Austin Carl @NBAKrell:
As for the report that the Nets are interested in PJ Tucker, apart from the fact that KD reportedly does not help recruit boys, BKN is less than $ 2 million in an apron, assuming Kirin և Patti Mills to return
So they did a lot of work to create NTMLE for Tucker. – 14:10:

Chris Brussard @Chris_Brussard
Back: @EphraimSalaam:. How much should Deshaun Watson’s suspension cost? AD / Russ for Kyrie / Simmons. Who says no? Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady և more. Guests: @martinweiss: @Max_Van_Auken:
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StatMuse: @status:
James Harden has won with his star teammates since 2012.
78.6 – CP3:
69.8 – Durant
66.7 – Embid
65.5 – Westbrook

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn:
For ESPN +, the sum of all the fears of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets.

Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
#Cavs: value և versatility. They need a big sleeve with mutual potential. Student Dieng looks to Luka Doncic, Brandon Ingram, Ken Durant և Paul George խորհուրդ for tips և to find nuances. It’s a big game upside down. Should the Cavs take it?…12:50:

StatMuse: @status:
Most PPG by this season duo.
57.3 – Kairi և Durant
53.5 – LeBron և DS
52.3 – Lavin և Demar

Anthony Puccio @ACCOUNT
Voy presents Kairi Irving’s negotiations from the Nets’ point of view.
1. They want to stay “disciplined”
2. They understand that they are risking alienating K. Durant

Bobby Marx @BobbyMarks42:
And here is the video this morning
Tim Legler on the extension of Kairy Irving’s contract. talent is not enough… through: @YouTube:11:00:

Chris Mannix @SIChrisMannix:
NEW: @TheCrossover: Under the above /@Howard Beck:Cairy, Celtics off-season, John Wall և more latest packing. project preview w /@Jeremy Woo:. Links:

Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA:
ICYMI: Lowe Post podcast. Steve Kerr goes backstage with another GSW title, then @Jonathan Givoni About Kyrie Free Design / Commercial News Agency, more.

Mary Schmidt Boyer / Jodi Wallad @PDcavsinsider:
Congratulations, Cleveland! Six years ago, fans flooded the streets of downtown Cleveland for a half-century-long championship parade. @LeBron James: @Kyrie Irving: @JR Smith:
Photos by @H_Grove

Kurt Helen @basketball talk
Report. The sticking point between Nets and Irving is the length of the contract…9:00:

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Why? Because Ken Durant is his home. ESPN journalist Adrian Wojnarowski presented this to us in a recent ESPN + report. If Irving leaves, there is a possibility that the CD will also leave. And Brooklyn does not want that. “For all that owner Joe Tsai և general manager Sean Marx has done to assemble one of the most talented Big 3s in the NBA today, Irving’s impenetrable relationship with Durant plays a domino role in dismantling the list. Brooklyn overcomes the narrowest passages. be confident in negotiating Irving’s contract և maintain Durant’s desire to stay online. ” – through: For the victory / June 23, 2022

Voy presented the nightmare scenario for the Nets, which is a dream scenario for all the other team. Irving’s exit leads to KD trade demand. Kairi Irving will not be looking for leverage to influence the discussion of his contract with the “Brooklyn Nets” with the threat of a $ 30 million salary cut to sign a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. but the sum of the franchise’s deepest fears. Irving walks in, and Ken Durant wants to trade. – through: SB Nation: / June 23, 2022

Matt Sullivan, who sat in the front row as some drama unfolded in Brooklyn as he wrote his book Can’t Knock The Hustle, shared some of the dysfunctions he witnessed. “I just remember not being able to talk to the management, talk to the coaches, talk to anyone without being afraid of these guys. “Including Kenny Atkinson, who built this whole program,” Sullivan said in an interview with Stugotz on the Dan Le Batard Show. “He kind of says. “Let’s leave KD, Maserati, in the case, let Kyrie be Kyrie.” But Cairo goes behind his back and fires him. “Kenny Atkinson is left wondering if he should fly halfway across the country to talk to this guy.” – through: / June 23, 2022

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