Local non-profit organizations are in high demand amid rising inflation

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – As inflation soars, so many people are struggling to pay their bills և և now it affects local nonprofits.

“It puts a lot more pressure on our work. Do we have enough food, do we have volunteers, do we have enough resources? ” said Thomas Manz, CEO of Feeding Tampa Bay.

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The last few months have not been easy for Thomas Manz Fe his non-profit Feeding Tampa Bay.

“Need exceeds capacity, right? “There is more demand than resources,” Manz said.

He says inflation is sending families across the Tampa Bay area to Feeding Tampa Bay for hot meals.

“After two or three years of the epidemic, we saw that the need continued, we thought it would decrease post-epidemic, but we saw that the need continued to grow,” Manz said.

Manz says rising rents in Tampa Bay are hurting families the most.

“This is usually about 60% of their budget, so when the cost goes up the roof, it really ruins families,” Mants says.

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Ray Eliot is one of the few people who makes a profit from nonprofits like Feeding Tampa Bay.

“I’ve been coming here for five years, I really like the food,” Eliot said.

He says he has noticed an increase in the number of people in the kitchen areas of Feeding Tampa Bay.

“Because of the rising cost of food, some may want to feed their babies before they feed themselves,” Eliot said.

Feeding Tampa Bay is not the only non-profit organization to see the impact of inflation.

“Our front-line teams are reporting that the need is as bad as it’s ever right now,” Justin Burke told Metropolitan Ministries.

Justin Burke with the Metropolitan Ministries, which prepares meals for the needy, says now is the time to make donations to nonprofits.

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“There is a shortage of food in our warehouse, two years after the release of COVID-19, after a very demanding holiday season that we just had,” Burke said.

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