Looking back on the relationship between industry and addiction


The strangest thing about glamor is that it is addictive – the lure of infinite fame, success, money. Every night on Runway, dreams come true, models – celebrities, and designers – gods. But what happens when the spotlight finally fades, հետ the post-election parties begin?

The drug industry’s obsession with drugs is almost historical, as industry giants constantly use drugs for inspiration, naming entire collections, even displays.

Andrew Groves’s 1999 runway show, Cocaine Nights և Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Capsule Collection are just a few examples of the long list of designers who have chosen to be inspired by drugs.

But that is exactly what arouses interest. Are drugs a real problem or an industry that seems unable to stop the culture of addiction?

Let’s find out. Are we?

The obsession of the fashion industry with addiction

Let’s be honest. Drugs and fashion have a much better relationship than ever used Bootcut jeans and tops.

In fact, when supermodel Kate Moss was photographed snorting cocaine in 2005, she was literally taking it for the team. Because one of the worst kept secrets of all time is how the fashion industry feeds on cocaine.

One of the insiders in the field even confessed to the British Independent newspaper at the time, “Models use coke like truck drivers.”

And if that wasn’t enough, it was more.

While one source made a problematic comparison between models looking for performance-enhancing drugs – athletics that did the same thing with steroids – another associate blamed the long hours, saying the drugs help models “stay awake, keep working”.

What’s even weirder is how Kate Moss’s photos have become so iconic that artist Stella Wayne has created a whole artistic experience out of them.

Named after Fitzgerald’s famous novel of the same name, The Beautiful Cursed is ridiculously quite nostalgic for the theme of Moss’s 30th birthday party.

Stella Vine’s Beautiful And The Damned showcased four paintings by Kate Moss that were inspired by that one photo from the viral media. This is a classic example of an industry obsession with two things.

  • Material abuse.
  • Drug abuse is treated as a cultural experience.

popularity Drug abuse treatment centers only intensified the demand for drug addicts to recover.

This further explores the intricacies of art perception. An experience inspired by hallucinatory material or a social-cultural ritual for newcomers: veterans.

Famous And On Coke: A Trend:

Years ago, Sophie Anderton once commented on the drug industry. “Drugs are so available in the industry, it’s very difficult to get rid of them completely.”

She was probably right, because Kate Moss has definitely not lost any major contracts with big fashion houses like Chanel և Dior.

In fact, the brands were probably all right with what happened to Moss. If he died of an overdose of some substance, even better. Because then Moss will become a bigger icon. See what Stella Wine did! That was 17 years ago. It’s 2022, և industry still can not overcome the problems associated with addiction.

So we decided to take a look at some of the most famous stars in the fashion world who just do not want to end their toxic relationship with drugs.

  1. Anna Nicole Smith

Toxic relationships can often end if you do not reach the same end. And that’s exactly what happened to the gorgeous Anna Nicole Smith.

Although he claimed that all the rumors about his addiction were untrue, his untimely death in 2007 proved the opposite of an overdose.

The American model has worked with several household brands during her life, starred in films such as “Skyscraper”, “Towards the Border”, and even had her own show called “Anna Nicole Show”.

It is always heartbreaking when drug abuse kills him, but Smith’s denial made matters worse for him.

  1. Alice Dellal

The British-Brazilian model is also a great photographer. But that is not why he appeared in this list.

The model was only 20 years old when the media caught her with white powder lines, a drilled tube, a oyster card, everything she needed to drink coca.

And this was not the only case when Alice Dellal’s photos were more provocative than they were ready for the audience.

They were more like the one where he was seen wrapping cocaine, or the one where he was lying on the floor after a heavy night party.

Have things changed?


  1. Naomi Campbell

If there is one more famous than Kate Moss when it comes to drug abuse, it should be none other than Naomi Campbell.

Let’s make this clear. we do not need to make assumptions based on media photos. There have been too many arrests for the former supermodel, rehabilitation areas, even manager’s meetings.

Campbell himself admitted that drugs are not his only addiction, alcohol is also a great temptation. He even recorded, saying: “I never thought I was drunk, but it goes hand in hand with drugs. “Emotionally, I just left.”

  1. Jael Strauss

Of course, “No, not you, either” was a moment when the former top American model appeared on Dr. Phil’s show discussing his addiction to Matt.

He talked at length about how he became more and more addicted to materials related to his friend’s death.

Jell was very different from how she appeared in America’s Next Top Model. Exfoliated skin, rotten teeth, swollen face, it was just too shocking to see what can lead to long-term drug abuse in the human body.

The only good thing.

Yes, other than teaching him how to do it quit smoking foreverDr. Phil was able to help Strauss get the medical attention he desperately needed.

The Trope Of The Tortured Artist:

The whole image of the tortured artist endorses drug abuse, depression and emotional instability. It’s more like a trope than a stereotype where the entertainment industry continues to establish a drug culture almost as a way of life. It seems that drugs are needed to create great art.

But that’s not true, considering all the people who have been able to create artistic experiences without performance-enhancing materials, or even those who have returned stronger after visiting Rehabilitation Centers. If there are many examples of drug-addicted supermodels, do you know what is more?

The list of celebrities who have returned, from the purest and strongest, from Bradley Cooper, Eminem, Robert Downey Jr. to Demi Lovato to Jamie Lee Curtis, is a long list. So, if you think that there is someone next to you who is trying to fight addiction, then remember that time is of the essence. The sooner you ask for help, the better for you. If these celebrities could do that, why not you?

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