Los Angeles abortion activist charged with harassing San Francisco doctor, demolishing statue

Authorities said Thursday that an anti-abortion activist from Los Angeles had been charged with “stalking” a San Francisco doctor for damaging a statue.

Aaron Jonathan Hurley was arraigned, pleaded not guilty and was released on bail, said Rachel Marshall, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

The prosecutor’s request for e-monitoring was denied, but the judge ordered Hurley’s lawyer to notify the district attorney if he returned to San Francisco, Marshall said. Hurley was also ordered to stay away from the areas where the incidents took place.

Hurley has been charged with a number of offenses, including two counts of vandalism, obstruction of liberty, intentional interference with business or interference with business.

She was a member of a group that “broke into” a health clinic, chasing a doctor who performs abortions, among other health services, women, according to the district attorney’s office.

Prosecutors on Thursday named the two suspects, Kristen Turner, who was released, and Lauren Bryce Handy, whose arrest warrants are still pending.

Hurley’s lawyer, Alison Aranda, declined to comment immediately.

Prosecutors say Hurley is a member of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, a “counterterrorism group that targeted abortion” health care providers “at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

On March 13, he “distorted” and damaged the bronze statue of Madonna’s child in the hospital, covering it with fake blood and stickers bearing the doctor’s name, prosecutors said.

According to prosecutors, handwritten notes were placed on the statue, in which it was written “harvested”, “sold for $ 500”, the case was recorded by cameras.

The next day, four people “broke into” the hospital’s Women’s Sampling Center, using a woman who claimed she needed counseling, prosecutors said.

“When the nurse went to talk to him at the door, Mr. Hurley, the other trespassers came out of hiding and ran through the door,” prosecutors said. “They broke into the clinic, started shooting patients and staff. The staff reported that these protesters were trying to break into operating rooms. “

“We know who you are, we know what you are doing,” the prosecutors said.

Doctors and staff at the center feared for the safety of themselves and their patients, prosecutors said.

“That night, Mr. Hurley, the others went to the home of the targeted doctor, an address which the doctor had tried to keep secret, and they put permanent stickers that said ‘the murderer lives in your neighborhood”s neighbor’s house.” “The doctor’s entrance door,” the prosecutors said.

The posters were left on March 14 near the house of the targeted doctor, prosecutors said.

(San Francisco District Attorney’s Office)

The leaflets had a QR code that led to a website that “specifically mentioned the doctor’s name, made false, inflammatory allegations about abortion procedures, and attacked the doctor for providing abortion services,” prosecutors said. They were distributed by the doctor.

According to the district prosecutor’s office, the doctor was afraid for their safety, for the safety of their family, and had to change their daily routine.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Hurley, who surrendered at a court hearing on Thursday, Marshall said.

“Reproductive rights are being attacked all over the country, here in San Francisco,” said Dist. Atti. Cheza Budi. “Right here in our city, doctors who provide rigorous health care to vulnerable patients are being persecuted in their homes and workplaces.”

Budin said his office would “unconditionally protect all health care providers – women” seeking abortions or other reproductive health care.

The allegations come as tensions erupt ahead of the expected Supreme Court ruling over Rowe v. Wade, which legalized abortion across the country in 1973.

Hundreds of rallies in support of abortion were held across the United States on Saturday, including in downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Palos Verdes, Santa Ana, and San Francisco, San Diego. In Washington, New York. York, Chicago ս Austin, Texas.

If the decision is overturned, many California lawmakers, including Gov. G. Newsom, have vowed to protect access to the procedure.

Newsom: Introduces California Plan to Provide $ 40 Million for Abortion Service Providers help insure uninsured residents’s expected influx of women seeking care from other states if Ron vs. Wade fails.

California lawmakers They also said they would ask voters in November to provide permanent protection for the procedure in the Constitution of the state.

The demonstrations took place after Politico reported on May 2 that Judge Samuel A. The draft opinion, written by Alito Jr., states that a majority of the court will vote Roe against Wade’s overthrow, revoking the recognition of women’s right to safe and legal abortions.

The Supreme Court confirmed the authenticity of the project However, he said that the decision is not final yet. At least 26 states abortion is expected to be banned if the precedent falls.

The court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority, can publish the final conclusion in late June or early July.

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