Luno La Liga is pursuing a goal after buying Leganés

Former Houston Astros GMO CEO Jeff Luno says he is striving for long-term success in La Liga after his Blue Crow Sports Group bought a 99% stake in Segunda Division Leganes.

Leganés, a suburb of Madrid, finished 12th in the Segunda Division last season, but Luhno said their immediate goal was to return to the top division, where they spent four years, from 2016 to 2020.

“Success is not measured in the short term, we will not sacrifice the future for the sake of the present,” Luhno said (pictured right). The Athletic: during a press conference at the club’s Estadio Butarque.

“It does not mean that we will not try to win every game, the challenge every year is to win all the championships where we are. So we aim to make progress this year and then challenge for next season. ”

Leganés is widely regarded as one of the best clubs in Spanish football, built during the tenure of former President Victoria Pavon’s husband, Felipe Moreno, who occupied it when the club went bankrupt, and moved to the third tier in 2008.

“I’m convinced they’re the best people in the world to make this club bigger and better,” Moreno said at the club ‘s 94th anniversary event on Thursday.

Luno said Blue Crow Sports Group had been looking to invest in European football for two years. They looked at many different clubs in the “eight or nine” leagues across Europe, but first decided on Spain and then on Leganés.

“Spain has the most growth potential, with economic control of La Liga, the CVC, everything that is happening here,” Luhno said. “Leganes had the best combination of everything we were looking for: location, fans, stadium, stadium, growth potential.”

The Blue Crow has many different investors, he said, from the United States, Latin America and Asia, including people with experience in football and other sports, including baseball, American football, basketball, and Formula One sports.

“We will not have the resources of Spain’s biggest teams, so we have to work smarter, be more agile, use players they do not have, develop a youth system, use technology,” Luno said. “What we want is to compete backwards, creating advantages, many advantages in many areas.”

Luhno said the new owners want to build on the club’s existing structure.

Sports Director Txema Indias will continue to take over next season, building the team with the help of a team of Blue Crow analysts. The coach will be Imanol Idiakes, who has been Unai Emery’s assistant at Villarreal for the last two seasons.

Idiakes’s brother Inigo Idiakes, a former Derby Սա Southampton midfielder, currently heads Mexican second-tier Cancun FC, which Blue Crow bought in January 2022.

Born in Mexico City, Luhanno also worked in the intelligence department of the St. Louis Cardinals from 2003 to 2011. He spent nine years at Astros, including winning the first world franchise in 2017.

He was fired by Astros owner Jim Crane in January 2020 after MLB found out that the team had used technology backwards to “steal” the marks of rival jugs in previous seasons.

(Photo by The Athletic)

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