Madonna defends her naked, 3D vaginal NFT. “I give birth to art.”

Madonna does not depend on criticism of her naked NFT.

The 63-year-old queen of pop has worked with the irreplaceable motto Beeple create NFT: that: made fans and critics breathe a sigh of relief.

The NFT contained several very NSFW graphics depicting a “Like a Virgin” clown completely exposing butterflies, insects, and trees. The set even includes a 3D model of her vagina.

Madonna is now advocating the use of her naked body in a new interview with Beeple creator Mike Winkelmann.

“I do what women have been doing since the beginning of time, that is, childbirth,” said the mother of six in a conversation with her. Instagram: account Wednesday.

“But on a more existential level, I give birth to art, work, and without both, we will be lost,” he continued.

Proceeds from the NFT, called “Creation Mother”, will be donated to National Bail Out, V-Day և Voices of Children.

The actress of “Evita” added. “I think it’s really possible that a lot of thoughts and talk went into making these videos.”

Then Madonna իչը the artist discussed their vision of the work of art և what they both wanted to depict.

“I say we need a forest where creepy mistakes come from,” Madonna scoffed. “It is not often that a robot crawls out of my vagina a hundred times.”

In one of Madonna’s collections on NFT, the “Material Girl” singer was lying naked.

“My journey through life as a woman is like a tree. From the smallest seed, always pushing the resistance of the Earth. The infinite gravity of gravity, ”he concluded.

The NFT singer said in a statement on Wednesday that the NFT’s goal is to “investigate the concept of the work, not just how the baby enters the world through a woman’s vagina, but also how the artist gives birth.” creativity. “

Fans were sighing, sighing for her nude pictures, tweeting their thoughts on the issue. “Madonna’s last NFT. If I saw it, you should see it too. NFT must comply with NO FKN TACT wrote:.

“Madonna is selling a part of WHAT. nah f – k this s – t I’m out, “another said in tweets.

“Whatever it is, it is NOW,” someone said on Instagram.

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