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We have an annual tradition in our home where we celebrate all that great about overeating in one day, usually around some American football games. I think it is a championship or something. I do not really go back to American football. However, the food is good. This year I decided that we needed a special edition cocktail to introduce the Superb Owl cocktail.


I’m so delicate.

Obviously, I was confused about the name of the sporting event, but I still do not intend to name it clearly. However, I’m inspired by Harry Potter: butter. Yes!

My thoughts were twofold, if you’re like me և you do not care if it’s the Arizona Thundarrs or the New York Battlecats in the game, but you’ll grab both links right away, you’ll probably appreciate the butter’s drink և you you will enjoy it as a very serious drink for adults oldstyle.

We will call this the Amazing Scam Update (RAD).

I started with what I knew was a requirement. The biggest problem with buttermilk is that it’s terribly powerful, so at the time it was a matter of balancing the sweetness and rounding out the flavors.

After some deliberation and deliberation, after attending a drink class, I knew that spiced rum would work very well with rich flavors. Now we had a solid base of rum և butter, which was pretty good alone, but still needed a few friends.

To emphasize the good notes, to distort the bad ones, to allow everyone to harmonize, to control some fun, I added peach brandy (booyacasha) և ginger mustard.

Likewise, my friends, we have a wonderful construction և a wonderful owl with a deceptive appearance.

Garnish with cherries, you will really look perfect oldstyle – except that it is an adult butter beer.

Oh yeah, I’m sure you can just get some baking soda և creamy butters for a more ‘confident’ butter beer, but it’s not that exciting. With this we wanted to go to high school. It’s pretty fancy to fool people into celebrating America’s too much fun, but it’s still RAD Riff from a fantastic fairytale drink that some might argue for kids (story, not drink).

No matter who you root for, Thundarrs or Battlecats, make sure the Superb Owl cocktail is on your menu.

Garnish with cherries

Magnificent owl cocktail. deceptive butter cocktail


Recipe type: Drinks:

Preparation time.

Cooking time.

Total time:

Serves. 1:

  • 2 ounces spiced rum
  • Ounces of butter mustard
  • An ounce of peach brandy
  • A ounce of ginger mustard
  • Maraschino cherries
  • The type of glass is antique
  1. Get your invisible cloak.
  2. If you do not have one, that’s fine.
  3. Add all your drinks to an ice cream cocktail glass.
  4. Mix.
  5. Whole drink = mix.
  6. Put a large piece of solid ice in your cup.
  7. Pour your mixed RAD cocktail on it.
  8. Read on to find out what RAD means.
  9. Garnish with your maraschino cherries.
  10. Enjoy the deception!


February 2, 2018 |: By Morgan

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