Mai Thai (revisited).

Remko looks at my My Thai.

It’s been almost five years since I started this blog, and one of the first drinks I ever wrote about was Mai Tai. Recent reader: (Goodbye Andrew!) he commented on how much he loved Mai Tai, և it made me realize that maybe it’s time to visit this fabulous drink again. If you have not read mine original article: I suggest you do it now:. Do not worry, I will wait…

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… For the past five or more years, things have improved for poor old Mai Thai. Yes, those horrible MTINOs (just named Mai Tai) with all kinds of non-original fruit և sweet ingredients were mostly destroyed, and the “real” Mai Tai was easier to find և confidently ordered. However, there has also been a lot of discussion in the online cocktail community about how to do my “proper” My Thai – that’s what I want to address with the update. The first is to discuss which rum to use. Original “1944” Trader Vic Mai Tai called Wray & Nephew a 17-year-old rum և considering that approximately one: Bottles that remain existing must be replaced. There has been a lot of discussion on this topic, mainly centering on Trader Vic’s own successor, Martinique Rum. I think it is nonsense to delve too deep into the topic, և it’s better to just leave it to the wrestlers *. For me, the joy of Mai Tai is that I see how it responds to different combinations of rum, և it really makes things easier for the average house bartender. This does not mean that Mai Tai can be made with any rum, as it is a drink that provides the quality of rum selection. I’m not going to give you the final combination of rum, but I suggest, as a starting point, a proper golden Barbados or Jamaican rum as a “base” և well-aged rum to raise it even higher. Give it a try until you find your favorite, or if, like me, you have a wide selection of rum, just enjoy the journey to My Thai perfection. Moreover, it has come to my notice that otherwise, for good intentions, many people reduce their My Thai lime content to three-quarters of an ounce. No, no ոչ No three times. Mai Tai Must Be a Balanced Beverage ը Reducing the acid content of Trader V’s “one big lime juice”, no matter how vague, should be interpreted as a whole ounce to maintain a sweet / sour balance. Which brings me to the next topic: this time is a modern twist from which I am actually completely behind. In my previous article, I suggested making a Mai Tai blend of all the sweet ingredients in a 2: 1: 1 ratio for curasao, orgeat և 2: 1 syrup to be used per ounce per drink. Many modern Tiki heads now raise the orgate to և half an ounce per drink և (mostly) leaving the sugar syrup completely. I think it is justified by several different horses. The profile of the drink is better when the orgate is more formed. I think the orgy of 1944 could have been more assertive, that this orgate’s kurasao balance is exactly what The Trader was looking for. But it’s better, it makes the drink much easier, it makes the Mai Tai mixture unnecessary. Just half an ounce for each good kurasao և orget, և you’re ready to go. Speaking of which, these days I’ve settled on Money orgate (there may be better orgates, including: Homemade: but Monin is perfect decent) և Pierre Ferrand dry curaçao (the most versatile for me ներից balanced orange liqueurs).

We are so full that we once again mix one of the greatest cocktails ever created.

Mai Tai (Proof preferred).

1 ounce / 30 ml dry gold rum (see text).
1 oz / 30 ml of quality aged rum.
1 ounce / 30 ml of fresh lime juice.
0.5 oz / 15 ml Pierre Ferran (or other) dry curacao.
0.5 oz / 15 ml Monin (or another) orgate.

Shake with crushed ice և pour (not squeezed) into a glass.
Garnish with half a lime peel and a sprig of mint (to look like a small retro island).

Toast to my loyal Mush Remko (pictured above) who loves a Mai Thai.

* In that case, I agree with Martin Kate that Martinique’s rum traditional was a possible replacement, but I still enjoy my Mai Tai with some rum agricol in it now և after.

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