Maple Leafs are down as Lightning wins Game 7, Paul’s 2 goals overnight | CBC Sports:

Nick Paul scored two goals, including an incredible individual effort at the winner of the second half as Tampa Bay Lightning beat Toronto Maple Leafs 2-1 in their 7th game on Saturday to win their first-round play-off series in Toronto. 4-3. .

Andrei Vasilski made 29 saves for the two-time Stanley Cup champion.

Morgan Rieli responded for Toronto, who have not advanced to the second round since 2004 and are now playing 0-9 for the last five seasons, losing 4-3 to Tampa two nights ago.

Jack Campbell stopped 23 shots.

Despite their best efforts, the Leafs “once again failed to push forward” to finally turn the long, ugly story of playoff failures for a franchise that has now lost its last seven series, including six in 2017.

Toronto now play 7-3 at home in their seventh game, including a 3-1 defeat at Scotiabank Arena last season after a 3-1 victory over Montreal Canadiens.

WATCH |: Paul heads the charge as Lightning Top Maple Leafs.

Paul scored two goals, ahead of Lightning in the 7th game against Leafs

Nick Paul scored both of Tampa Bay’s goals to eliminate Toronto in their first round.

After losing 1-0 on Saturday 20 minutes later, the Leafs seemed to have leveled the game at 11:28 a.m. when John Tavares struck Vasilski, but the goal was deflected after Toronto defender Justin Hall was whistled for interference.

Campbell had to make a few desperate pauses from the next penalty spot to equal Riel after Mitch Marner’s Oston Matthews scored in his third playoff game at 6:35 to throw the 19,316-strong crowd into chaos. fury.

The goal was scored by Vasilsky և Lightning for the first time in the decisive games of the last six series.

Then Ն William Nylander missed a special shot, և Tampa goalkeeper robbed Matthews with the buzz of “Leafs”.

But Paul scored his second goal of the night, when his second in the play-offs, 3:28 was left in a terrible game where he hit from his rink to the stick.

When Kucherov hit a Campbell goal, Tampa almost made it 3-1.

The masters oppress late

Vasilski was under siege during Leifs’s power play when the third went just over six minutes, but kept the hosts in spite of some fierce pressure.

Toronto continued to push inside the restless, tense rink as the clock dropped.

The Leafs, however, simply could not find a way to the bench for an additional attack with Campbell to finish a chapter in the playoffs disappointment.

Both teams had terrible chances for early breakthroughs, but Vasilski and Campbell were there at every turn.

Tavares almost opened the scoring when Vasilski hit his left-back until the 2019 Vezina Trophy winner rejected Marner.

Then Campbell spent the fort on a blitzkrieg game with some great views for visitors.

Braden Point, who celebrated his victory in the 6th game of Tampa by extending the series, suffered an injury at the end of the first when his right foot was caught under him when he fell on the ice. Winger, suffering as he descended the tunnel into the dressing room, tried to return to the second round, but closed it after a short shift.

The Lightning went 1-0 up after Point came down in the first game when Paul, who had a number of chances before his side advanced to Game 5 before roaring with Toronto, scored his first goal.

Campbell made the initial stop with a one-on-one from Ross Colton, who hit Riel’s stick, but Paul’s rebound came at 1:36, when Toronto scored the first goal in the fourth game in a row.

The Lightning have been playing their second game since the start of the 2020 playoffs, beating the New York Islanders 1-0 at home in the semifinals last June.

The last 7th game of Toronto at home with the fans. The club’s 2021 defeat to Montreal was played in the presence of 550 medics due to COVID-19 restrictions, starting in 2004 when Joe Newvendick scored two goals to oust the Ottawa senators.

The Leafs did not reach the playoffs again until 2013, when they collapsed in Game 7 against Boston Bruins. The new generation of the club reached the playoffs for the first time in 2017, but a series of heartbreaks continued on Saturday night.

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