Maple Leafs loses in the first round.

It: Toronto Maple Leafs: lost the 7th game on a home ice Saturday 2-1 Tampa Bay Lightning:. They have now played 0-9 in their last five playoff games.

“We start to get sick, tired of feeling that way,” Leafs said Mitch Marner.

The Leafs have not won a playoff series since 2004. Ottawa Senators, where they won seven games. The Leafs have lost four Games since 2017. They have lost twice Boston Browns (2018, 2019), once to Montreal Canadians (2021) և Lightning.

In consecutive seasons, the Leafs had a 3-2 series lead until they eventually lost.

“The result is very similar,” said the Leafs defender Morgan Rielli he said.

Toronto set a record for wins և points this season (56-35-14), finishing second in the Atlantic Division. Ashton Matthews became the first Maple Leaf a record 60 goals per season.

But the 18-year streak continues without a win in the playoffs.

“I just told them that they have a lot to be proud of for the work they have done to put us in this position,” said Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe.

“But we are in a winning business, did we not manage to do that?”

(Photo by Steve Russell / Toronto Star via Getty Images)

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