Maple Leafs mood check. How are the fans from Peter Mansbridge to Dart Guy?

One of the most famous voices in the history of Canadian television was talking on the other end of the phone Maple Leafs:.

“Because of the job I was in for 50 years, I worked most evenings, so I could never go to the game,” said Peter Mansbridge. “But I kind of watched it with my own eyes during the news inside the studio. “Most people thought I hated hockey because it’s jumping a lot at The National, it’s there, but I’m still a big fan.”

The owners were and remain his team.

“I will not give up on them until they give up on us,” he said. “I do not think this is what is happening this year. “I think they play incredible hockey.”

Mansbridge, a longtime CBC television news anchor, said he would be at the Scotiabank Arena when the Leafs met. Tampa Bay Lightning: in the 7th game of their first round NHL: playoff series Saturday night. He is the owner of season tickets.

“I’m old enough to know what good times have been,” he said. “There has not been a whole life of great performances in cups and playoffs. I’m not buried in this, “oh my God, they (18) have not done it for 18 years, they can not pass the first stage.”

Toronto has not won a playoff berth since 2004, and even more so, the franchise has shown a strong ability to torment its fans. The Leafs missed the playoffs in 10 of 11 seasons, 2006-16; they lost A. Ham driver; they have been flooded with waffles և were flooded with controversy known as “HealthGate:»; they went ahead 4-1 In the 7th game, which became a cruel shorthand.

Mansbridge said he believes in the team. He has faith, but confessed. “I’m going to get a little nervous.”

“I think they are two really good teams,” he said. “I just hope the better team wins in the end, the team that plays best in the final. “I have some confidence that they will be there.”

before the biggest game of the season. Athletic Gained the mood to test with 10 Leafs fans.

Steve (Dangle) Glynn, YouTube: և podcast host

It was early Friday morning և Steve Glynn sounded awful. His voice was low and rough, hoarse from the night before. He lost it before the YouTube broadcast for Sportsnet on Thursday night, then returned it, then lost it again as the Leafs lost their sixth game in extra time to Lightning.

“I’m really worried,” he said. “I said they would win seven from the beginning of this series. He feels almost destined. It should have been like this.

“And it will be sweet when it comes.”

Julia Tocher, host, “Leaves Lunch:»

In April 2004, Leafs won Ottawa Senators in the 7th game of their first round play-off series. That spring, Tocher was 6 years old, playing small hockey at Thunder Bay, Ont.

Today, he co-authored the Leafs Lunch show, a day-to-day talk show on TSN 1050, and the team did not win the playoffs because he controlled the northern Ontario wing. He can be optimistic about Game 7 և and hopes to return to work next week to discuss more than just another Leafs play-off collapse.

“People are disgusted to hear that story,” he said. “It seems that the Lords are also disgusted to hear that story. My life would be really boring on Monday if it weren’t for the Leafs in the Stanley Cup play-offs!

“It’s going to look really boring. I do not even want to go there. “

Vaubgeshig Rice, author, “Peeled snow moon»

At the age of 43, with two young children, Waubgeshig Rice views her fans for generations. Encouragement for the Lords has become part of his identity, it does not change at this time.

“To make the galaxy-brain philosophical about it. “It offers me an interesting perspective on life, especially in recent years,” he said with a smile. “I’m able to appreciate what is really possible in my life. I can plan more in the late spring without worrying about a playoff schedule.”

Rice, a member of the Scotiabank Giller Prize jury, hopes the Leafs will win Game 7, but amid the disappointment of a loss, they will help keep the world afloat.

“I have my health, my children are happy, etc.,” he said. “It simply came to my notice then. And I guess I have to thank Leafs for that. ”

Raina Duris, host of NPR World Cafe

“Do you know that when you see a dog dreaming, its legs tremble?” asked veteran Canadian radio host Reina Duris. “When I watch Leafs play, it’s close, my limbs do it. I can’t look directly at the screen for extra time. “

Nuris, the niece of retired NHL striker Peter Duris, grew up in the Stoffville suburb of Toronto but now lives in Philadelphia, where he works as a presenter for World Café on NPR. Leaves were one of the ways he felt at home.

“I did not realize how comforting it could be to watch Leifs’s defeat,” he said with a laugh. “I feel like it’s got a weird connection to the house.”

Duris said he would watch the 7th game at home.

“I know that when they win, it will be sweeter, because they have lost a lot,” he said. “I feel like a gambler or something like that. The more I lose, the more I believe that victory will be better than ever. “

Dr. Brian Goldman, Emergency Physician

Toronto had not won the playoffs in 18 years. It defeated the result of the 3-1 series Montreal: last year, a year after losing the election Columbus. Dr. Brian Goldman, Physician և: author: He, who is the host of CBC Radio’s “White Coat, This Art” program, laughed when the list was read to him.

“It looks like you made a nail bed,” he said. “You invited me to jump on it.”

No matter what the Lords do on the ice, he said he could never change his interest in rooting.

“Once you get in touch with them, you can not change the team, how can you change your parents, your siblings or your children?” He said. “When we connect, we connect. I can tell you that I may have an intellectual interest in another team, but I assure you Calgary will not become my team when Leafs is sacked. ”

Marisa Roberto, Host, Digital SportsCentre

Before Leafs set foot on the ice for Game 6 in Tampa, Marisa Roberto posted a video on Instagram in which she was skating on a skateboard, smiling, navigating under the sun, wearing her Leafs T-shirt. A little later in the evening, another video was published with the title “Eff”.

“Isn’t that so?” said Roberto. “This is an old fairy tale.”

Roberto, who runs the Digital SportsCentre, says he sometimes feels he can change the atmosphere around the team with a small, space horse. Bakes different dishes based on the cultural heritage of different players. “I was cooking John Tavares different Portuguese attitude. “

He is going to make a cookie for the 7th game Jason Spetsa և: Marc Giordano.

“I have to somehow direct my nervous energy while the game goes on,” he said. “I can not do it for breaks, so I try to bake something instead. “I’m just trying to take my feelings in a different direction, not to sit here like a nervous breakdown.”

@ mrob29:

We’re just trying to get in the right mood 🥲🤙 #leafsforever: @ mrob29:

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Carlo Kolayakovo, retired NHL defender

When the lords defeated the senators in 2004, Carlo Kolayako was in the building with his wand on the rest of Toronto’s SS. the same shot. “

He had a different, but no less bright, look at Toronto’s extra time in Game 6 of Tampa. Retired NHL Defender, now co-author First Up:At TSN 1050, he was in a friend’s yard with 10 loyal fans.

When Leafs fell behind 2-0 in the second half, Kolayakovo heard voices b.

swears at Captain John Tavares in the yard. He heard that the melody changes within minutes when Tavares scored a goal. “I love you, John Tavares. What a signature! My God, I love this team. ”

“Eventually, it ends the way it was done, և tables are thrown, things are hit,” Kolayakov said. “I almost saw the TV being smashed.”

Gord Stellick, former CEO of Leafs

Gord Stelik, a former Leafs GM but aired on’s Sportsnet 590 The FAN և Sirius XM NHL network radio station, is trying to find a balance.

“I like this team very much,” he said. “I like this team very much.”

Stelik also understands the recent history of the team, how it is going to go to the 7th game.

“It’s just a suburb, even if you’re just a fan of suburban sports,” he said. “Because everyone is aware of the history. We can’t have the same ending for this show again. “

He interrupted the further question. “We can not, there are not enough cardiologists in Toronto to solve it.”

Dart Guy, noted superfan

In April 2017, when the Leafs were in Washington for the second game of their first-round playoff series Capitals:“Hockey Night in Canada” camera filmed his face in the crowd. It was a man who had painted his gloomy beard blue with a blue face on his face and a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

In social networks, and then in all media. Dart Guy was born.

Jason Mascalo is not going to paint his face for the 7th game. Instead, he will gather around a bonfire at Callahan Camp, about three hours north of Toronto, to watch a game with about a dozen friends.

“I do not stop believing in this team, no matter how much pain I have experienced,” said Maskalov. “I believe we will win the 7th game. Sooner or later it must be our time, why not now? ”

How often did he try, Mascalo could not quit smoking? “So there will be darts around the bonfire.”

(Photo by Jason “Dart Guy” Maskalow from the 2017 playoffs: Mark Blinch / NHLI Getty Images)

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