Maradona’s doctors and nurses will be tried for murder

Eight people who cared for football legend Diego Maradona will be tried in Argentine courts for murder, according to a verdict released on Wednesday following an investigation into his death from a heart attack in November 2020.

In a 236-page document seen by Reuters, the judge in the case questioned “the conduct of each of the defendants, whether active or omitted, which contributed to a detrimental outcome.”

The verdict states that eight people, including doctors, nurses and a psychologist who was taking care of Maradona at the time of his death, are charged with “simple murder”, a serious charge of intentional killing.

The medical council appointed to investigate Maradona’s death in 2021 concluded that the football star’s medical team had acted “inappropriately, imperfectly and recklessly”.

Maradona was considered one of the greatest football players in history, as the little player was nicknamed “Pelusa” for long hair, and “D10S” as a game of the Spanish word “God”, using his T-shirt number, fought against drugs and alcohol. Abuses for years.

The lawyer for one of Maradona’s sons, Mario Bodri, told Reuters that the World Cup winner was “helpless” at the time of his death. Maradona died on November 25, 2020 at the age of 60.

“As soon as I saw the reason, I said it was a murder. “I have been fighting for a long time. This stage is over,” Bodry said.

Argentine prosecutors have launched an investigation into Maradona’s death near Buenos Aires shortly after his death, including a search of his personal doctor’s property and others involved in his care.

The defendants in the decision were Maradona’s neurosurgeon-personal physician Leopoldo Lucé, psychiatrist Agustina Kosachev, psychologist Carlos Diaz, nurses Gisela Madrid և Ricardo Almiron, their supervisor Mariano Perroni Nedro և physician.

The accused denied responsibility for Maradona’s death. The judge said that the lawyers of some of them had mediated to dismiss the case.

Kosachev’s lawyer, Vadim Mishanchuk, said they would appeal the decision, adding that the psychiatrist’s care had nothing to do with the cause of Maradona’s death.

“They are looking for the culprit at any cost, the objectivity is lost,” the lawyer said.

Reuters was unable to contact the defendants or other attorneys immediately for comment.

In Argentina, the crime of “simple murder”, according to the country’s criminal code, usually leads to eight to 25 years in prison. There is no clear date for the trial yet.

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