Martini & Rossi Vermouth Special Reserve

Martini & Rossi is one of the most popular names for vermouth for most people. It can be found in grocery stores, liquor stores և everywhere, և, therefore, the most likely vermouth you have ever tried.

I have covered length The vermouth must be properly cared for in order to remain fragrant. In fact, I just opened a bottle myself and found that it had only been refrigerated for a week before it was sour. I also said something here on this blog, which I still stick to. more expensive vermouth tastes much better than cheap items.

So Martini & Rossi has given us a “modernization” of the popular vermouth, which is a pretty smart choice if you are spending the night. Martinis or: Manhattan. A bottle of Martini will usually cost around $ 10 and a Riserva Speciale about $ 15-20.

For me, frozen white vermouth is my favorite snack with fish, and I’m glad to say that Riserva Ambrato is a great vermouth for just that. Serve on stones with lemon peel. It has bitter-dry notes of rosemary թե herbal light.

Riserva Rubino, the red vermouth of this brand, is great with a richer taste of meat or even a choice of my favorite pair. cigars.

If it’s hard to imagine that a bottle of vermouth is delicious enough to drink directly, take a bottle of Martini Riserva Speciale, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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