Marvel Comics Spider-Verse Approaches Big, ‘Fiery End’

Cover of Edge of Spider-Verse # 3, starring Felicia Hardin as Night Spider.

Image:: Kris Anka / Marvel Comics:

Since 2014 In the spider section event brings together Peter Parker Spider-Man and his other alternative space webswingers from Marvel variety, webmasters often interacted with each other in comics. He saw 2018 Spider-Geddon: event: coincide with the future of that time In the spider section film, և now the third event will bring everything to a big, networked end. Or will it be …

At the beginning of the week, Polygon: has been revealed The end of the spider section A new event by Dan Slot գր, currently unknown artist, who will presumably lead the titular Spider-Verse to a “fiery ending”, says the statement provided by the writer. “They could have been milking this cash cow for decades,” he continued. “That being said, if you are going to do that, coming out of the flames of glory is definitely the way to go.”

But by the end of the year, Slot’s team of writers and artists will be creating a stage with a five-part mini-series that will be replicated. Edge of Spider-Verse: Released in August. As the original 2014 anthology introduced to the world by Spider-Gwen և Penny Parker, this new series Edge: The comics will feature several new Spider-Man characters, Felicia Hardy, also known as Night Spider, designed by Chris Anka; Hunter-Spider by Mark Bagley, who is Craven the hunter, but with spider power, which he received with an “unusual horse”. Կ Martin Coco’s Spider-Laird, whom Slot calls “Spider-Verse’s first costume hero” և hopefully will appear in the cosplay scene. Slot will write problems with writers like Carla Pacheco (Spider-womanև Alex Segura (Secret identity), By Mark Bagley արվեստ with the art of other currently undiscovered artists.

The Spider-Verse is over, Long live the Spider-Verse article image

Image:: Josemaria Casanovas / Marvel Comics:

Because multiverses are so hot right now, և Spider-poems in particular are going to be reborn, you can watch Edge: և: The end of Spider-Verse as a good warm-up for world-famous quirks on the horizon. But after fighting and winning two multiplayer vampires, the question arises: what will lead Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and other Spider-Man characters to save their multi-world once and for all? It will be revealed on the pages Edge: second edition.

Edge of Spider-Verse will begin its weekly five-issue run on August 3rd, while End of Spider-Verse currently has no official release date.

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